Kirti Kulhari joins Nayeka as producer, launches production company

Kirti Kulhari has set up her own production company, Kintsukuroi Films, and her first project will be Nayeka, the dark comedy thriller she will star in.

Speaking of the new venture, she said: “Starting a production company was an organic idea that has been with me strongly for several years. As an actor, the past three years have been very rewarding for me and have given me an appreciation for broadening The vision and delving into other aspects of filmmaking generated interest. I now want to go a step further because I have the urge to support great content and tell the world a unique, rare and heartfelt story.”

“The aim is also to create a more egalitarian and collaborative atmosphere in the making of the film. Unfortunately, there does exist a hierarchy in the way things work, and my goal is to bridge that gap, where the equal embrace and respect are brought to Talent on the table. The idea is also to create opportunities for young talent…whether writers, directors, actors or technicians,” she asserted.

Kirti Kuhari

Talking about the meaning of the name of the production company, Kirti said “Kintsukuroi” is a Japanese word, which means the art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The idea behind this idea is that when something is broken, people use gold to repair it, making it more beautiful than the original broken state.

Starting her journey as producer of the feature film Nayeka, Kirti said: “Last year, when Vashisht (the producer) first brought this film to me, I immediately became an actor and I can be proud Saying I couldn’t ask for a better start to my journey as a producer too. The kind of content I choose as an actor is pretty much what I want to make as a producer. Nayeka is an interesting space for me to explore Something I’ve never done before. It’s a fast-paced dark comedy thriller brought together by very young, dynamic and talented people. Director and writer Ajaykiran Nair does a fantastic job. A unique piece like this The script provided the perfect start to my journey as a producer.”

Nayeka tells the story of a struggling actress who stumbles into crime. The cat-and-mouse chase that ensued further led to a frantic chain of events, revealed Kirti, who began filming for the film on January 2.

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