Kim Kardashian apologizes to family for Kanye’s treatment

In the episode, she learns that her then-estranged husband is releasing a new song, and she suspects he will use it as an opportunity to lash out at her, given the couple’s ongoing contentious split.

“Most men don’t publicly denigrate their children’s mothers like that,” said her sister, Khloe Kardashian. “We don’t have to sit here throwing rocks. Just put it on the chin.”

“I do recognize the impact my relationship has had on my family, and I’ve never had a chance to just say, ‘I’m sorry, guys,'” Kardashian said to her family in the episode. “I’ve protected it for so long, but I said I wouldn’t let this happen to you again.”

“I felt strong once in my life,” she added. “I won’t let anyone treat you or myself in a certain way.”

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