Kevin Smith’s rebound of the universe master: telling fans to grow

From left to right: Masters of the Universe: The Beastman, Andhra, Prince Adam, Tyra and Ive Lin prepare for battle in the Apocalypse.

“Cheer up. The man from the Internet is here.”
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Master of the Universe: Apocalypse to gain praise Before it was released on Netflix later last week, but Etnia’s best animated continuation Due to the malicious interpretation of the following content, I have been facing comment bombardment and anger on social media What the show is doing The host of the show, Kevin Smith, has almost no time.

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Mostly opposed Enlightenment How Smith and the team behind the Powerhouse Animation Studios series allegedly “lied” Herman Attract fans by having Seaman and his other self, Prince Adam (both voiced by Chris Wood) Enlightenment), did not play a major role in the five episodes released by Netflix on July 23. Focus on Tyra (Sarah Michelle Gellar) When she traveled through the heavens and hells of Eternia, trying to bring Adam back to life, in the climax of the premiere, Seaman sacrificed herself to defeat the skeletons.Although dead, He-Man and Adam appear in some flashbacks in most episodes, although Teela, Evil-Lyn (Lena Headey) and Andra (played by Tiffany Smith) At the forefront of the narrative.

“I know some people will say,’Hey, man, this show is awake,'” Smith said of the backlash in an interview. type“I thought,’Okay, great, then so is the original cartoon of our fucking sequel. Let’s see it again. There are girls in every episode. Deal with it. It’s fun to see who is the real hardcore.” Fans, because anyone said, “Oh man, there is not enough Seaman” or something, doesn’t understand our show based on it. There are a few episodes where he lost his sword and he never became Seaman. Unlike He-Man It can always save this day. His friends helped him. That is the focus of the show.”

That was even before the real backlash after the show was released.Angry viewers caused the series’ public ratings to drop sharply Rotten Tomatoes and International database, And the whole cottage industry Reactionary YouTubers It has been announced that Smith has turned Herman Too “wake up”, too “SJW”, too… “She-Man?” But no matter what they say, Smith is very frank with fans who think he is ruined Herman Through, to a large extent, still telling a story about Seaman through their eyes EnlightenmentA wider cast. “I saw someone on the Internet saying,’Hey, man, they are getting rid of He-Man!” Smith continued. “Like, you fucking really think that Mattel, who hires me and pays me, wants Do you make a fucking cosmic master show without He-Man? Damn grown up, buddy. It was like, this surprised me, and a group of people said,’Oh, I smell it. This is a bait and conversion. ‘” This is indeed what some people believe-before watching the show, please pay attention-because “Kevin Smith Lies” has been popular on Twitter for a while.

EnlightenmentThe first series of episodes ended in suspense: After Teela and her allies resurrected Adam, the skeleton was also resurrected, but was fatally injured when Adam tried to transform into Seaman again.But Wood himself hopes that fans can understand the content of the suspense instead of condemning it Revelation Forever ruined his voice role. “Adam is not dead; he is very injured. If you want to ignite the whole world, in terms of destroying a fan circle, you would take Seaman out and say,’That’s it, he’s gone, goodbye!'” Wood said What fans have seen so far. “What they have done now is that they have found very interesting ways to change the dynamics of the show and raise the stakes to levels they have never seen before.”

In any case, the world seems to be ignited.First five episodes Master of the Universe: Apocalypse Now streaming on Netflix.

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