Karan Johar reveals Rakhi Sawant left him speechless on his chat show

Karan Johar recently revealed the inside scoop on his OTT chat show. In a recent interview with ETimes, he said Rakhi Sawant was the one who left him speechless.

In the interview, Karan Johar talks about his new season and all the fun that comes with it. In the interview, he was also asked if he ever had aphasia on the show. To which he responded: “I remember when Rakhi Sawant was on the show, she was speaking line after line and I was like, ‘Oh my God! She’s amazing. She’s made for this! She’s too Awesome. I remember her famous quote “Jo bhagwan nahi deta wo doctor de deta hai”. It was loaded into the history of the one-liner. I remember her standing up, one by one.”

He also added: “The other time was when Emraan Hashmi had a quick fire. You should go and see his quick fire, it was the most honest quick fire I’ve seen in seven seasons. He was very honest, disarmed and not Worry about the consequences. In fact, everything he said escaped because he was that kind of person.”

Karan Johar reveals Rakhi Sawant

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