Jussie Smollett: Don Lemon told me about the Chicago police

Actor Jussie Smollett testified on Monday that he was assisted by CNN anchor Don Lemon to help investigate the hate crime he is now accused of forgery.

In court testimony, according to Participating in the trial as a Fox News reporter, Mr. Smollett said that because of Mr. Lemon, he learned that the Chicago Police Department was skeptical of his claims.

Fox wrote: “The 39-year-old Smollett swore that during the investigation, he received a text message from Tang Lemon on the Internet-it is said to be conveying the message that CPD did not believe he was aware of what happened. describe.”

Mr. Smollett’s testimony was released a few days after CNN fired Mr. Lemon’s longtime anchor Chris Cuomo, partly because he placed himself in a major news report and provided advice to one of the principals-in this case, sexual harassment Charge against Andrew Cuomo, the younger brother of the government anchor at the time.

Fox News reported that Mr. Lemon and CNN representatives did not respond to its request for comment.

Mr. Lemon has always been open to being friends with Mr. Smollett. He said it was allegedly an attack on Mr. Smollett-he said it was at 2 am on a cold night, when he came out of the Subway sandwich, the former president Donald Trump’s shop for white supporters-is “private” to him.

He said that since the alleged incident, the two men have been in constant contact, and he said Mr. Smollett had described it to him.

Mr. Smollett faces six felony charges of disturbance because he provided a false police report on the attack-two statements each from three different police officers. Although the crime is a grade 4 felony and may be sentenced to three years in prison, considering that Mr. Smollett has no criminal record and other factors, he is actually unlikely to be imprisoned.

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