“Jungle Cruise” review: Dawn Johnson and Emily Blunt drive Disney’s latest cycling movie

It is true that this practice need not be ashamed to borrow from the best, and the ingredients of this spirited gumbo range from “Romantic Stone” to “African Queen”, its most direct ancestor.

Inevitably, the film also drew a lot of inspiration from the ride itself, gushing out the terrible puns “Captain” has been providing for decades, and even yelling at the back of the water early.

Fortunately, these single-line actors came from producer star Dawn Johnson as captain Frank Wolff (Frank Wolff), who is good at linking comedy and movie audiences with his powerful presence. Combine. He also found a valuable partner in Emily Blunt, and she was happy to be the self-sufficient girl who can save herself in times of crisis.

The movie is set in 1916 and begins with the acquisition of a precious artifact by Dr. Lily Horton of Blunt. She is determined to go to the heart of the Amazon to find something called the Tears of the Moon, a tree known as Tears of the Moon. It is a magic tree with “unparalleled healing power”. “

Accompanied by her brother McGregor (Jack Whitehall), a rare Homosexual character In the Disney live-action universe, she reluctantly hired Frank to send them down the river, with the ruthless German nobleman Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons (Jesse Plemons, with a satirical whip and beard, with Gritting his teeth with the accent of “Hogan’s Hero”) together, in a hot pursuit.

As actually needed in this kind of exercise, Frank and Lily really didn’t like each other at first, insisting on giving each other the unpopular nicknames “skip” and “pants” respectively. Over time, there have been many heart-wrenching experiences to establish their connection, and a supernatural backstory that is richer and richer than expected from a movie about the internal gimmick of “Albert Falls” complex.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (“Shed” and Johnson’s upcoming DC movie “Black Adam”) A script co-written by three writers. The design of this film is impeccable. While creating a good modern sense, it evokes the past with a lot of respect.
In the pursuit of a more pragmatic treasure hunt, “Jungle Parade” follows the route planned by Disney. “Crula” and “Black Widow” At the same time, it is shown in theaters and Disney+ at high prices.Generally suitable for family audiences, there is really no need to catch up with the voyage in advance, so the degree to which people feel forced to pay in advance-at any venue-may be more testable than Johnson’s star strength Amusement facilities introduced in the 1950s.

Although this process sounds backward, making movies around Disneyland’s rides has become a standard operating procedure for the studio, and Disney is not ashamed to set foot in these waters.

This does not inspire “jungle cruising”, but it does put the ingenuity needed to navigate these waters in context and leave with a more pleasant trip than anyone could reasonably expect.

“Jungle Parade” will premiere in US theaters on July 30 and will be charged on Disney+. It is rated PG-13.

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