Judge allowed to resume investigation into Beirut port bombing

Beirut (Associated Press)-On Tuesday, the Lebanese court cleared the way for the resumption of work by the judge who led the state’s investigation into the massive bombing in Beirut’s port last year.

The investigation was suspended for more than a month after the accused former official raised a legal challenge.

The state-run National News Agency stated that an appeals court judge in Beirut dismissed a case against Judge Tarek Bitar raised by a former cabinet minister. This opened the door to Bitar’s investigation.

Due to the numerous legal challenges raised by the defendant, Lebanon’s investigation into the August 2020 bombing led by Bitar was suspended for the third time in early November.

When groups including the powerful Hezbollah called for the judge to be removed from office, several officials refused to be questioned, accusing him of prejudice.

Disagreements over the work of judges among rival political groups paralyzed the government, which has not held meetings since October 12. Hezbollah and the two alliance groups demanded that Bitar be replaced.

At least 216 people were killed in the port explosion, which was caused by the explosion of hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate stored in warehouses for many years. It is obvious that senior politicians and security officials have no knowledge of this. The explosion also injured 6,000 people and destroyed parts of the city.

More than a year after the government initiated the judicial investigation, almost everything else is unknown-from who ordered the transportation to why officials ignored repeated warnings of danger.

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