Josh McDaniels mom to Colin Kaepernick training for Raiders

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Raiders wrapped up an organized team practice Thursday with all four quarterbacks on the roster in attendance, but the buzz surrounding the team was about Kobe. Lin Kaepernick’s, he’s already had a training session at the club.

However, first-year coach Josh McDaniels didn’t have any discussions about Kaepernick’s potential future with the team.

“As per standard procedure, we only talk about people on our team,” McDaniels said. “Dave (Zigler, general manager) and his staff have trained a lot of people this spring and we really don’t comment on the assessments we’ve made or what they look like, what they don’t look like, strengths and weaknesses. , and so on.

“They’re obviously a little bit private to us because we’ll think about things to try and make decisions that make the team better.”

Kaepernick got his first chance to work out for an NFL team on Wednesday since his last league game in 2016, when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice.

McDaniels said there would be “a lot of people in and out” of the facility and the opportunity to impress, and every assessment would be kept private.

Kaepernick hasn’t played since the end of the 2016 season, when he was waived by San Francisco and the new regime, led by coach Kyle Shanahan, wanted to make a difference at the quarterback position. direction of development.

Until this week, he never got a chance to play for an NFL team after claiming he was blacklisted for protesting. He met in Seattle and held informal talks with Baltimore, but never looked closely.

Kaepernick filed a complaint with the NFL in 2017 for his lack of opportunity, and resolved it in 2019 — and still hasn’t looked at it again.

The Raiders’ need for a quarterback isn’t obvious. They signed starter Derek Karl last month and added Nick Mullens as a backup this offseason. They also traded Jarrett Stidham and signed Chase Garbers as an undrafted free agent.

“People say you have a mature (seasoned quarterback). Of course we can,” McDaniels said. “The next player, you don’t really talk about him until he’s the most important guy in your organization, when the starter gets hurt. It’s one of the toughest positions in all of sports, if not the toughest. Try Constantly shuffling and making sure you do what you can to provide competition in that room and having people who can learn and play and produce in your system with the team we have is really a big part of any football team .”

Mullens, Stidham and Garbers will all be vying for second place behind Karl, who finished fifth in the league in passing yards last season with 4,804. During Thursday’s two-hour practice, all four rotated between sites, training with specific offensive units.

“Every day is an opportunity for them to grow,” McDaniels said. “We are now encouraging competition.”

The same goes for the offensive line, which ranked 28th in Pro Football Focus’ final unit rankings.

“The young people are trying to absorb as much of our work as possible, we’re trying to show them the ropes,” tackle Colton Miller said, “It’s all different now, so they’re adjusting and they’re doing great .”

McDaniels said his staff couldn’t ask for more than they have so far.

“Honestly, they’re learning a new language at every stage of the game,” McDaniels said. “Whenever this happens, the first thing you have to do is really start to understand the wording. …Our focus, effort and attitude is huge. To really say ‘we get it, we Knowing everything’, there’s still a long way to go, but after three days, I’m happy with where we’re going.”

Senior Novice

Eight-year veteran linebacker Denzel Perryman was brought in last season largely because of his familiarity with then-defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, who played for him during his time with the Chargers. After becoming a mentor to young players last season, Perryman said everyone is learning the system of first-year defensive coordinator Patrick Graham on a level playing field.

“Everything is different, but it’s a good one,” said Perryman, who led the team with 154 steals last season. “It’s a fresh start for everyone. At the same time I’m helping the players… I’m also trying to hit No. 53.”

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