Jon Bernthal believes that MCU punishers need darkness

Jon Berntal plays the Punisher, staring at someone in the shadows.

picture: Netflix/Marvel

Although Disney+ had no problems when it launched MCU display This year, there are still a large number of fans yearning for celebrities The once powerful Netflix series Get what they deserve.Mainly, this hope is reserved for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Jon Burnser’s Punisher, While Cox has quite Speak gracefully Regarding the MCU Daredevil, it also reminds people that it is just an application. Bernthal did a considerable A more decisive statement.

In a recent interview Hollywood reportBerntal talked about how he still holds the torch of enthusiasm for the role that helped him rise to the current star. “He is really in my heart, buddy. He is really in my bones,” he said, describing himself as “very protective” for Frank. Although he has not played this role since 2019, he still finds himself grateful for being able to explore the darkness of Frank in a limited time. He described Frank as having “deep meaning and resonance” in him.

When asked if it is possible to return to Frank’s bloody boots in the MCU-because that’s the same thing Anyone can do it now— Bernthal emphasized that it cannot be polished to fit the usual MCU tone. “I think if there is any slack in this character, you will hurt this character, every iteration of this character… and all the incredible fans of this character,” he said. “It needs to be that level of darkness… It has nothing to do with whether you play a role or not; the key is whether you can do it right, and I am only interested in doing it right.”

Although he didn’t say it directly, it was clear that Berntal was skeptical about how the MCU would deal with the punisher when it finally appeared.So far, movies and shows are largely family-friendly things, even some of their heavier materials, such as if or Eternal race Sometimes these instances are cancelled or they are cycled back to standard happy endings, which also set sequels.Time will tell whether Disney is willing to let the MCU really fall into the dark Daredevil, the Punisher, with Jessica Jones Convincingly watch multiple seasons, or whether their interpretation of Frank Castle is just a good guy with a gun.

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