Joker’s Wild: Sanders puts on a mask before the Olympic shot put

Tokyo (Associated Press)-They call her the “Hulk”. On Friday, she looked more like a “clown”.

Talk about a daunting game face.

Shot put crow Sanders, Also known as the “Hulk”, appeared in the Olympics wearing a gas mask she Looks like the “Joker” of “Batman” fame. she dyeing she The hair is half green and half purple to match the clothing.

The energy of all the superheroes/supervillains resulted in 19.22 meters (a shadow over 63 feet), which was enough to get third place in the qualifying rounds and get tickets to the Sunday finals.

“I’m like the greatest person literally,” Sanders rupture. “But in the game, I don’t like anyone.”

If the Olympics allows, Sanders Promise that there will be even stranger things in the medal round.

she Use it as a variety of icebreakers.

“One of my things is that everyone during the shot, I don’t know why, people always smile and talk. It’s really not me,” Sanders explained. “This is the way I like it, I guess it’s friendly?”

she Similar clothes were worn in the U.S. Olympic trials. That is not antivirus. this is. sometimes, she When to wear sheout. This is definitely an eye-catcher.

“I see. I got a lot of eyes,” Sanders Say. “I don’t know if people deliberately or think I’m crazy, but I get a lot of attention.”

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