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“In the real world we live in, governance is usually subject to one or more central authorities. Real-world governance rules have produced strict and clear hierarchies. With the advancement and creation of encryption technologying A series of ecosystems, we have developed a new method: a free, equal and open DAO governance ecosystem. “

In an ideal DAO ecosystem, code is the law, and the entire ecosystem will be governed in a programmatic and automated way. In DAO, the organizational structure is parallel and distributed, as opposed to the pyramid structure of traditional entities. Under this structure, power is no longer controlled by centralized individuals or entities. Instead, the DAO community will be responsible, allowing autonomy and collaborative governance. The emergence of DAO is reshaping the business world bit by bit. Because this free “utopia” promotes the paradigm shift of human organizations through decentralized governance and powerful incentive mechanisms, DAO has become the next promising field in the crypto economy.

Exploring new trends: DAO is the key to ViaBTC Capital’s roadmap

ViaBTC Capital recently launched by ViaBTC Group integrates funding, resource support and post-investment services. It is an ecosystem-centric investment platform that focuses on projects that solve cryptographic pain points.

With its unique value acquisition strategy and expertise in finding potential growth poles, ViaBTC Capital has become one of the most popular sources of investment in the crypto community shortly after its launch.

Just recently, ViaBTC Capital has shifted its focus to the DAO field and took action. In order to make a full range of DAO investments, it invested in two dark horse projects: Colony and Moda DAO.

As a community-driven avalanche ecological accelerator, Colony has been committed to developing a powerful, flexible, practical, and easy-to-use DAO framework. It aims to establish an efficient trust mechanism that allows global users to create distributed online communities and raise project funds. Colony has set out to build an appropriate incentive foundation for next-generation applications built on the Avalanche platform. With the support of the pioneering financing mechanism, Colony has injected a spirit of community into traditional venture capital through open governance, support and tolerance. Colony will implement the DAO structure over time to achieve decentralization.

ViaBTC Capital invested in Colony with its keen market insight and expanded its investment territory. In fact, Colony has been working closely with Avalanche. As an excellent DAO project, Colony has aroused widespread market interest and brought considerable returns to VC institutions.

ViaBTC Capital’s keen eye for DAO investment is self-evident.

Moda DAO is a niche project that provides multiple Web3.0-based infrastructures for the music community. It redefines the existing music system through completely decentralized and automated technology, which will release the potential value of the music industry. MODA DAO is a decentralized technology network and community. MODA is specially designed for the era of Metaverse and game making money, and is committed to adopting Web3 in the music industry through NFT, micro-licensing, DAO governance and DeFi.

ViaBTC Capital invested in this niche project because it is interested in the technological innovation that Moda DAO may bring to the DAO market segment. As the first DAO application to adopt Optimistic Rollup (scalability solutions and cross-chain technology), Moda DAO may provide an important reference for building an open DAO ecosystem in the future.

Therefore, for ViaBTC Capital, the investment in Moda DAO aims to capture the future of the entire market segment, not just another application.

ViaBTC Capital focuses on value-centric investment and believes in the future growth of DAO

As a firm believer in the future potential of DAO, ViaBTC Capital focuses on a wide range of DAO investments. In addition to Colony and Moda DAO, institutional investors also track the development of DAO in general. ViaBTC Capital is at the forefront of the DAO field and is always looking for more promising DAO projects.

ViaBTC Capital’s successful investment in DAO shows that it has entered a new encryption phase, and it has begun to look for new growth poles. The generous return is a return to ViaBTC Capital’s prudent investment philosophy, which embodies the value-centric investment philosophy.

in conclusion

The progress of DAO goes beyond traditional organizations and redefines the organizational structure model. More importantly, it opened a new chapter in the development of cryptocurrency. Following this general trend, ViaBTC strives to explore the potential growth pole of DAO, accelerate the progress of Web 3.0, and allow more people to benefit from the opportunities brought by encryption technology.

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