John Stamos wants to tell you about the most famous crimes you may never have heard of

Famous “big man” star “general Hospital” and “Full house” A few years ago (trust us, he hasn’t grown old at all) recently told CNN, “I realized it must look weird.”

But it’s not as strange as the themes of podcasts and how they fit together.

10-episode podcast premiered earlier this month without ads Wonderful+ It can now be used where podcasts are played.

Stamos told CNN that because of his interest in music, he discovered this little-known crime story.

“Almost 25 years ago, I was at the Orange County Fair with [rock duo] Jane and Dean,” Stamos recalled. “For years, I met them through the beach boys. Dean Torrence turned to me and said,’Hey, Stamos, do you know anything about production? I told him yes, but I didn’t. “

“He said,’Well, I have this manuscript. I have the rights to this story, and my best friend kidnapped Frank Sinatra Jr.,'” Stamos added, raising the manuscript. “I’m going” what? ! ‘”

This led Stamos to establish a friendship with Barry Keenan, the author of the manuscript. Barry Keenan was one of the kidnappers and wrote the manuscript while he was in prison.

Days after the assassination President John F. KennedyKeenan, then 23, and an accomplice captured Sinatra Jr., who had just entered his singing career and performed at the Harrah’s Club Cabin in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 240,000 U.S. dollars from the old Sinatra, but were eventually caught and prosecuted.

Stamos said that he has been trying to tell Keenan’s story for many years, but encountered several obstacles-including Sinatra Jr. who died of cardiac arrest in 2016 and didn’t want to be told.

But Stamos couldn’t let go, especially because the story was so weird.

He said Keenan proved to be not the most suitable kidnapper, forgetting his gun and paying his hotel bill and skiing in Lake Tahoe, from the FBI to Gangster Sam Giancana Attempt to find Jr. Sinatra and his kidnappers.
The'Full House' actor recreated the

“Everyone is chasing this man, he and his girlfriend are running down the rabbit slope in Tahoe. So you can’t make up for this,” Stamos said. “When I talk about it, like I usually say, it’s like the Marx brothers met the Cohen brothers, but doing this podcast…we really need to understand Barry and his story, his psychology, and where he came from. .”

What Stamos found was a mental patient who seemed unable to rest, and believed that God told him by radio to kidnap someone to make money, and concocted this plan.

Most importantly, the actor said that he wanted to reveal the mental illness. When Keenan, now 81 years old, grew up, he said that the mental illness was covered up.

“I don’t want to praise this man, what he did. He made a terrible mistake,” Stamos said. “No one was hurt. Thank God.”

He said that he is already a temporary fan of real crime podcasts and doesn’t mind if the “big plan” has more seasons to tell other incredible crime stories.

Stamos would not object that this story will one day be on the screen. He said he wanted to play John Owen, the boyfriend of Keenan’s mother.

“He looks like Clark Gable, with a small beard,” Stamos said. “He is a tough guy, he is the one who made the ransom call, because he has a good voice, Barry asked him to do it. This is the role I want to play.”

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