John Abraham wants Marvel Studios to replace everyone in the Avengers with him

John Abraham made a suggestion to Marvel Studios, which is very interesting. He said that Satyameva Jayate 2 created his own version of Avengers, so Marvel Studios should replace everyone in the movie with him. Okay, so John didn’t make a statement suddenly. He is reacting to fan comments. In fact, he was mocking him. Start from scratch. A fan wrote to John Abraham and said, “After Marvel Studios saw the trailer (saying) let us replace the Hulk with John.”

John Abraham

Responding to this fan in a Youtube video, John said: “It’s easy! Marvel Studios aap ko pata nahin hai (you don’t know), we have created our own Hulk, we have created our own The character in the entire Avengers series Satyameva Jayate 2. Replace everyone with me.”

what! I have always known that John has a great sense of humor.

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