Joe Rogan: Donald Trump unpopular on podcast, ‘threat to democracy’

You can add Joe Rogan’s podcast as another place where former President Donald Trump is not welcome.

This week, the top host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” said he had multiple opportunities to have Mr. Trump on his show. Every time, he rejected him.

“I’m not a Trump supporter, by any means, in form or form,” Mr. Rogan told guest Lex Friedman, himself a computer scientist and podcast host. “I don’t want to help him, I have no interest in helping him.”

Mr Rogan also called Mr Trump an “existential threat to democracy itself”.

Business Insider reported that Trump’s office did not immediately respond to questions about Rogan’s comments or to confirm the number of times Trump asked to appear on Rogan’s show.

The popular “Fear Factor” host and UFC broadcaster said his main concern about hosting Mr. Trump is that his podcast could be used to revitalize or restore the former president’s public image.

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Mr Rogan added that he did not think Mr Trump would “really be there” anyway.

“I think he can perform,” he explained.

Mr. Rogan has hosted many controversial people, which has led cancellation culture fighters to target him. These figures include Covid-19 vaccine critic Dr. Robert Malone, alt-right media personality Alex Jones and rapper Kanye West.

In the 2020 presidential race, Mr. Rogan backed Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont socialist, even though he also said at the time that he would rather vote for Trump, according to Business Insider. Sir, not then-candidate Joe Biden.

On Monday’s podcast, the magazine reported that Mr. Rogan predicted Mr. Trump would run for president again.

But he also said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “would be a good president.”

Mr. DeSantis is widely seen as Mr. Trump’s strongest potential rival in the 2024 Republican primary. However, neither has made it clear that he will run.

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