Joe Buck criticizes Peyton Manning in the alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast

this”Manning “Actor” has always been one of the most watched features of the NFL season.

Most Monday nights, brothers Payton with Eli Manning Jump on ESPN2 to watch an alternate broadcast of “Monday Night Football”, during which they watched the game, analyzed and interviewed a wide range of guests.

On Monday, at the end of the New England Patriots’ 14-10 defeat of the Buffalo Bills, Mannings put broadcaster Joe Buck on the field.

Peyton Manning Ask Buck if he Ever hoped he Can invite guests for interviews he A blowout game is being announced. Buck then slammed–everything was very interesting.

“Yeah, do you know when I thought about this last time? When you played against Seattle in the Super Bowl,” Buck joked.

Super Bowl XLVIII after the 2013 season Peyton ManningThe Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are one of the biggest outbreaks in game history. The Seahawks defeated the Broncos 43-8 and the game ended in the third quarter.

Senior citizens Manning Smiled at the same time his The younger brother was intoxicated in the shadow cast by Buck.

“Oh, it was shot. Yes!” replied Eli Manning.

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