Joe Biden will cancel U.S. combat missions in Iraq by the end of the year

The United States will end its combat mission Iraq By the end of the year, the president Biden It was announced on Monday that the U.S. military was transformed into an advisory and training role, but critics said this might open the door. Iran In order to gain greater influence in the region.

This is the second time that the United States has confirmed a substantial drawdown in Trump’s long-term military mission. BidenA short term as president.U.S. and foreign troops withdrew at the same time Afghanistan Almost completed after twenty years in the country.

Just before the Oval Office met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kadimi, the president proposed ways to improve Iraq, The U.S. military has been active there for most of the past 20 years. The United States has approximately 2,500 soldiers in the country, and it is not clear how many will remain there under their new identities.

Withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan It represents a major change in US foreign policy after 9/11, which has been dominated by combating terrorist organizations for the past two decades. Afghanistan And the Middle East. The Pentagon’s new military blueprint requires the U.S. military to be prepared to fight against traditional national opponents, especially Russia and China.

Despite the new role of the United States, the President emphasized that the United States will continue to fight the remnants of the Organization of Islamic State (also known as ISIS). The terrorist organization no longer owns important territory, but it still has thousands of well-trained fighters in its ranks. The Islamic State recently claimed responsibility for an explosion in Baghdad that killed 35 people.

“Our joint fight against ISIS is critical to the stability of the region, and even if we move to this new stage we will discuss, our counter-terrorism cooperation will continue,” he said. Biden Said before the Oval Office meeting with Iraqi leaders.

“we are at Iraq Will…just to be free, continue to train, assist, help, and deal with it when ISIS appears. But by the end of this year, we will not carry out combat missions,” the president said.

The White House emphasized that the U.S. military has not given up on their Iraqi allies. They are faced with terrorist threats and security challenges from the powerful but semi-official Shia militia and have close ties with Iraq. Iran.

“As this evolution continues, when we officially end the combat mission and make it clear that the country does not have any U.S. military in a combat role, Iraq It has been requested and we very much agree that they need to continue training; support logistics, intelligence, and consulting capacity building-all of which will continue,” a senior government official told reporters in a background call with reporters.

The official said that the Iraqi army has been “tested in battle” and is able to defend its country, but having the U.S. military as an adviser shows that the government still recognizes the Islamic State as a threat.

The critic said sir. Biden Is making a major gamble by weakening the U.S. influence to influence the future Iraq. The U.S. Army is stationed at Iraq And neighboring Syria was attacked by Iran-backed militia groups, such as Qataib Hezbollah and Qataib Said Shuhada. They are part of the People’s Mobilization Force, an umbrella organization of Shia militia headquartered in the United States. Iraq. These two specific militias received substantial financial and logistical support Iran.

Although the United States has conducted multiple air strikes on the militia, and despite the announcement by the White House, these organizations have warned that they will continue to target Americans.

“With regard to the existence of the US military, the name and title are not important. They will still be the target of resistance weapons of any title or attribute,” said Nasr Al-Shammari, spokesperson for the Al-Nujaba Resistance Movement. Quoted by Iran’s Fars News Agency.

These comments indicate that even if the combat mission is technically ended, the US military will be in danger. This raises questions about Mr.’s length. Biden Willing to protect them. This year there have been at least 8 drone strikes and 17 rocket strikes targeting the U.S. military. Iraq And Syria.

Some experts say Iran The new dynamics can be used for a round of attacks.

Former Defense Department official and current resident scholar Michael Rubin said: “The White House may think that it is smart by renaming its troops as non-combat experts, but this rhetoric has not given Washington or the United States. Anyone outside the Iron Corridor is impressed.” At the American Enterprise Institute. “As the U.S. withdraws, the anti-U.S. forces smelled blood in the water Afghanistan Become the Taliban rout, and learn the same lesson: if you continue to peck the Americans, they will run away. “

“It is only a matter of time before an Iraqi militia rocket or an Iranian drone was lucky enough to kill dozens of Americans,” he said.

Others believe that with the withdrawal of American combat troops next door, Tehran can devote more energy to other theaters, which may make it a larger participant in the entire Middle East.

“This Islamic Republic of IranIt is now the oldest and most serious national threat to the interests of the United States and the security of ASEAN countries. I am very happy,” said Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior researcher at the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracy.

Iran See Iraq As a battlefield to defeat the United States, once it is completed, it will advance through the upgrade of other theaters, whether it is the Persian Gulf or Syria,” he said. IranThe east and west sides of the country provide more leeway for the world’s largest supporter of terrorism. “

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