Joe Biden agrees to $1.1 billion in new military aid to Ukraine

On Wednesday, President Biden signed a $1.1 billion security aid package for Ukraine, bringing the total U.S. commitments since the invasion of Russia began seven months ago to $16.2 billion.

Support will include 18 additional High Mobility Rocket Artillery Systems (HIMARS), which have proven to be highly effective on the battlefield. Also included are 150 Humvees and 150 tactical vehicles needed to tow heavy weapons, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.

The latest package is part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI). Instead of drawing weapons directly from U.S. stockpiles, the program uses funds appropriated by Congress to contract hardware through the private sector.

The announcement of the aid package comes after four occupied regions of Ukraine held referendums to become part of Russia.

U.S., Ukrainian and NATO officials said the vote was a hoax and vowed not to recognize the results.

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