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Some of you may remember Craig Ferguson’s outstanding tribute to “Wisdom and romance trumps brute force and cynicism.” Doctor Who In the old (and far better than) Late night showBut in retrospect—what was the last day I ran io9—I think it sums up my feelings about working here for the past four years.

I don’t know how many times I told the staff that I needed to talk to them as a whole-talk about something completely harmless-some of them would blurt out “Gosh, please don’t tell us you are leaving.” I Let their therapists fix this, but when it’s finally time to make the exit announcement a reality…well, let me say this is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. I believe that today will come to an end.

I want to work for io9 for many years. Although this blog and my personal “The Nerdy Bird” blog were published almost at the same time, I aspire to be part of a super cool team. Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders are among the coolest people.Although I have never worked with them, I did get to know them and a few io9 alumni “from the Internet” on the fifth website of the website Anniversary party.Nevertheless, even though I am runningMary Su, I hope to join them “in the office” one day.there’s a few Sliding door Over the next few years, I discussed joining with the people there. I often imagine what life would be like if I started working at io9 earlier, but the world works in mysterious ways, and I like to think that I came at the right time.

I previously worked as a freelancer for Rob Bricken at Topless Robot (I also contributed to its sister sites: RIP, Heartless Doll), and we often talk about his desire to find a suitable place for me at io9. It finally happened at the end of 2017, because Katharine Trendacosta was looking for another opportunity. I have a full moon. Of course, by then, io9 has been merged into Gizmodo. “Thanks” for some things that we won’t talk about. When I first appeared in the office, I was greeting a fairly large team. Trying to remember everyone’s name is daunting, but over time, I learned about the personalities of everyone who makes up io9. Fast forward, “thanks” to some other things that we won’t talk about, Rob is gone, and I am promoted to associate editor. I was a little scared (they never filled my old position, so I have been doing two jobs), very excited, and full of a little bit of the time ahead. Rob, you fucking nerd. Thank you for being in my life over the years, thank you for everything you have done for me.

If you have been with me, you may already know this, but… these people are great, this website is great, nothing can compare to my time here. If you have been following company news, you can imagine why I (and too many others) started thinking about leaving it behind not long ago.I really don’t think Go, I must go—for me. In other words, because of my people, making the final decision is painful. I am called “Blog Mom” ​​for a reason, and I am willing to do anything for them; they are not only talented journalists, but also some of the best people I have had the privilege of calling them friends. I am now going to say something ridiculous about them, maybe stupid things, so if you can’t handle it, please turn around and leave.

In autumn, our social guru, it is nice to meet you. You have gone through some difficult times in the woods here, and you have never given up your enthusiasm for spreading the great works of io9. I can’t thank you enough. You are happy, enthusiastic, and help us shine. In addition, when we least expected it, you entered Slack with zingers and destroyed us. This is talent. In case you forget, tell your mother “thank you socks”.

Beth, Beebo, whatever your name is. It would be different without you. People don’t tend to quit io9 because we like it very much, and I’m sorry that your hands are forced. Your professional ethics and creative thinking are endless. The video you made for us and the video we worked with are very good (and underrated). You asked me a lot of questions, but I think it helps me improve in my management role. In addition, your ridiculous holiday movie multiverse tone cannot be written by someone else.I’m chattering to you At your bake So please allow me to continue.

Charles. Charles! Your talent is incredible, and I can’t wait to see where your career will go in the next few years. But I want to thank you and the rest of us for persisting and enduring more nonsense than anyone should have, and they should not receive the grace they deserve. At the beginning, I was not sure that we would get along well, but when we got to know each other and started to make some connections, I was very happy. I made a very cool friend with someone who was so talented and absurd. Frankly speaking, you should abandon us. I’m glad you didn’t. I am very happy to have the opportunity to edit you. I am very happy to have a lot of side-Slacks. I am glad we shared the happiness. For heart to heart, laughter and witch. Let us let you participate in the Cindi interview as soon as possible.

Cheryl, except… your dog is the best thing I have ever seen. Okay, there is more. As my right-hand man, you make my life easier every day, for which I will always be grateful. I like to connect with you about our tastes in TV and music. I like to know what you did in the dark days before io9.I like the countless nicknames you gave Leroy, you don’t know, but I cataloged them all (and you are the only one II read the nstagram story). Every time I think you definitely don’t have the idea of ​​a horror list, you come up with five unique lists. how? how? Ha ha. I will miss you so much I know you won’t go anywhere, but still!I think the last thing I want to say is: at least we will always have a good season X file.

Germain, my main filmmaker! I know we knew each other a little bit before I came here, but it has always been a pleasure to get to know you (and your cat) better. I will always be in awe (aka jealous) of your art collection and the ability to hang so many artworks on the wall. You are too good at your job. Your interviews are always unique, and you really know how to get the goods. It’s always nice to edit your comments… Many, many, many comments from you. You are a non-stop machine, I really don’t know how you do it. Keep going, give the cat a hug, and don’t forget to sweep the legs (or Oxford comma).

James, get out, you damn bastard! Am I using these correctly? I can’t believe I have edited you for four years, and I still can’t stop you from putting punctuation marks outside. impressive.You are here longer than me It really helped me settle down in io9.You are the fastest to make friends, because we have a lot in common, but I can never understand your love [insert like 1,000 things here]. I can’t believe I let you get away with it as before, from terrible jokes and shit posts to improper Paragraph-sized jokes and sentences. It is really very, very difficult to leave your daily existence, because you have always been a great partner and friend. It is an honor to be able to spend the most stressful, happiest, and stupid times with each other. Go ahead and go boldly. Now get angry and go eat a disgusting potato chip.

If I don’t mention a few more people, I’m dereliction of duty here (I told you that everyone here is the best). Evan, I’m so upset, I can’t work with you anymore, but damn, I’m excited about everything you’ve done since then. Keep kicking the ass. Over the years, my weekend warriors, Julie, Courtney, Valerie and Justin, my endless thanks. I have spent the weekends and they are not easy, but I have never worried about weekend work because of all of you. That is a gift. To many of our video producers, thank you for making us look and sound great. It would be different without you.

To the crew of Gizmodo Prime and Earther…Uh, sorry, there are too many of you. You are like an ant! There is always a spoiling picnic, but in this case, the picnic is a terrible company or politician trying to get rid of the shit, so it’s a good thing you are here. You are the best reporter in the industry. Keep. To Alex Cranz: Fuck you, shit and so on. To Marina: fOr God’s love, write Mission impossible And take care of yourself.

Allow me to return to “sensibility and romance trumps brute force and cynicism”. Guys, this is the best way of life. Try to remember the difficult times here. Anyway, I am not dead… I just won’t be around so much! Now, it’s time to leave. Hope everyone stays bad.

Goodbye, blog mom.
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