“Jetpacker” was found over Los Angeles International Airport

Angel – This FBI A commercial airline pilot is investigating what may have been an airborne person carrying a jetpack in the busy sky near Los Angeles International Airport.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Boeing According to the recording on the LiveATC website, the 747 pilot reported by radio at around 6:12 pm on Wednesday that “the jetpacker may be present”.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration told the newspaper that the pilot found an object that may resemble a jetpack at an altitude of 5,000 feet 15 miles east of Los Angeles International Airport. “Out of caution, the air traffic controller issued an alert to other pilots nearby.”

“Be careful, the jetpack guy is back,” an air traffic alert said.

“Did you see the UFO?” an air traffic controller asked a pilot.

“We are looking, but we didn’t see Iron Man,” the pilot replied.

This FBI Is investigating the report in cooperation with the FAA, FBI Spokesperson Laura Eimiller told the New York Times in an email.The agency has studied three other possible jetpacks in the sky above Angel, And “cannot verify any reports,” she said.

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