Jessie J shares news of miscarriage

“Who are you” singer Share her experience on Instagram Wednesday.

She started her post with a heartbroken expression, writing “I laughed with a friend yesterday morning and said, “Seriously, how can I finish my performance in Los Angeles tomorrow night without telling all the audience that I’m pregnant.”

“As of yesterday afternoon, I was afraid of the idea of ​​finishing the show without breaking down…,” the headline continued. “After taking the third scan and being told that there is no more heartbeat.”

Jessie J said that she had no plans to cancel the Los Angeles concert and pointed out that she “completed 2 shows in 2 years, and my soul needs it”.

“I know some people will think she should cancel it,” she wrote. “But at this moment, I understand one thing. When I was young, I started singing for happiness to fill my soul and self-love therapy. This has never changed. I have to deal with it in my own way.”

She went on to say that she would become a single parent “because this is what I always wanted, and life is short.”

“Pregnancy itself is a miracle, it is an experience I will never forget, I know I will have it again,” she added. “I am still shocked. The sadness is overwhelming,” she wrote, “but I know I am strong and I know I will be fine.”

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