Jessica Henwick chose The Matrix 4 instead of the upbeat character

Jessica Henwick played Colleen Wynn in

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One of the brightest and least underutilized places with a relatively short lifespan Marvel/Netflix The partner is Jessica Henwick.As Colleen Wynn Iron fist, Henwick brought a lot of charm to the show that was really needed in the first season, allowing her to shine in the second season.Just like this show prepares her for bigger and better things Brand new iron fist, it is Cancel And other Netflix shows. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for former Marvel actors to return, but Henwick’s return to Marvel may be earlier than expected.

As Henwick is part of the upcoming Matrix resurrection As a new hacking error, She told Entertainment Weekly She is in a dilemma between the sci-fi revival and her previous superhero life.She was given an opportunity to screen for a test Shangqi and the legend of the Ten Rings, Just as Warner Bros. asked her to read chemistry with the actor who will play Morpheus resurrection“For me, it was a real red pill, blue pill moment,” she recalled. Since both studios knew each other’s offer, they both said that she could only audition for one of them.The risk is high when you don’t know if you will get it anyone Role.

Finally, Henwick and resurrection Because the world of the Wachowskis is uncertain. “I only know now or never…I know to join matrix It’s not an opportunity you can get every day,” Henwick said. Although she described her time on Marvel TV as “wonderful” and stated that she has a good working relationship with them, she also realizes that Marvel will always Will not stop making movies. The possibility of her returning to the MCU as a different role of Colleen or La Gemma Chan is basically always open to her, it is only a matter of time.

Until that day comes, she is willing to choose resurrection, And found that working with director Lana Wachowski was an interesting experience. Wachowski will do what Henwick calls “360-degree” shooting: at a certain moment, she will shoot Keanu Reeves, and then turn the camera to another actor. “You better hope you are there and ready.” At the moment when the camera is not moving, Wachowski will take the actors to a dance party or art tour to help everyone get together. After all, nothing brings people together like dancing in a club and thinking about the intentions behind the artist’s paintings.

Matrix resurrection It will be released in theaters and HBO Max on December 22.

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