Jesse Williams responds to buzz about his nude Broadway scene


Nude photos and videos starring Jesse Williams Broadway “Take Me Out” leaked Monday night and started circulating online.

It happened hours after Williams was nominated for a Tony Award best performance By featured actors in the play.

Williams has since responded to the buzz surrounding his scene.

“It’s a corpse, and once you see it, you realize what it is, it’s a boy!” Jesse said in “Watch What Happened After the Show.” “I just need to make it no big deal.”

In the show, Williams plays a gay baseball player who came out at the peak of his career and has problems because of it. Earlier this month, the actor told Page 6 that he was initially “scared” by the character and the nude scene, but eventually got over it.

“Then I noticed this was what I was praying to God. I asked to be freaked out,” Williams told the publication. “I’m asking to do something terrifying and challenging that makes me earn it and makes me feel uncomfortable being alive.”

There are other nude actors in the show. Hayes Theatre Phase II “Out of respect and support for our cast, and to create a cell phone-free space,” audience members were asked to keep their phones in a locked bag prior to the show.

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