Jesse Williams addresses leak of nude Broadway scenes

New York – Jesse Williams Vows not to be discouraged after leaking videos and images his A stage nude scene from the Broadway play “Take Me Out” has been posted online.

“I’m not disappointed by that. Our job is to go there every night, no matter what,” Williams told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The leaked video and images sparked an outcry from show producers and unions representing actors and stage managers.

“I’m not really worried about it. I’m sweating. We do need to continue to stand up for ourselves. It’s great to see the community fight back and make it clear what we stand for and what we don’t stand for,” Williams said. “Consent is important, I think. So, let’s remember that generally.”

Williams Starring Richard Greenberg explores what happens when a MLB superstar turns up as gay, tracking the ways it disrupts teams and unleashes toxic bias. Williams Nominated for a Tony Award Monday for playing a superstar, Tony’s revival is also on the horizon.

While the Broadway show has a strict policy against recording anything on stage, the second stage theater, which is producing a revival, added Yondr bags to protect the cast, many of whom are naked in the shower scene. Audiences arriving at the theater were asked to put their phones in a locked bag that would only be opened at the end of the show. Manufacturers said they would step up security measures after the breach.

“The theater is a sacred space and everyone doesn’t understand that. Everyone doesn’t necessarily respect or view that the way they should or we want,” Williams said.

Leaked video follows Will Smith Oscar slapping Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle being attacked by a man at the Hollywood Bowl recent events in which your privacy or well-being is threatened.

one Williams‘ co-star Michael Oberholtzer, who was also nominated for a Tony on Monday, called the event “very disappointing”.

“People feel like they can say and do things because they pay the admission fee, or because they’re a subscription member, or whatever, certain actions are allowed. But that’s not the case. It’s a violation of people’s consent,” Oberholtzer said.

Williams Say he While starring in the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, he was asked to reprise the show, but he didn’t realize it included nudity until he read the script.

“If someone just said it was a nude show, it would have been framed differently. But the nudity is honest. It makes sense. It’s not lewd. It serves the story. It puts the audience in an interesting position, can resonate with the character,” Williams said.

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