Jennifer Lawrence had to explain the goat to Meryl Streep

Jennifer Lawrence Tell Stephen Colbert on the “Late Night Show” When shooting “Don’t Look Up” Along with Streep, the actors would “arbitrarily call Meryl a goat”-short for “the greatest ever.”

“We were taking a picture, and I said something like GOAT, and Meryl would say,’Yes. Just tell the old goat where to go.'” Lawrence said. “I thought,’Meryl, you know that GOAT means the greatest ever, right?’ She was like,’Oh no!'”

Their partner Jonah Hill has a slightly different version of the story When he talked to Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show”.

According to him, Streep, who played his mother in the film, was “cool” and was the “best actor”.

He said that he used supplementary acronyms to refer to her when doing news for the film, which led to Streep’s comment at the press conference “You know, Jonah is very comfortable with me.” , He has been calling me goats all week.”

Hill said Lawrence explained to Streep what it meant, and he said Streep was “so cool, she wasn’t even offended!”

“Don’t Look Up” will be shown in some theaters on Friday and on Netflix on December 24.

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