Jeff Bridges loves life after ‘near death’ from coronavirus and chemotherapy


Jeff Bridges now has a message, he’s on the other side of Covid and his cancer is in remission: “Love is the deal.”

actor talk to people About signing with Covid last year and he “was 12 x 9 inches”. Tumors in my body. Like a child in my body. ”

“Coronavirus made my cancer look like nothing,” he said of breathing difficulties and excruciating pain. “I couldn’t even roll over in bed without asking a nurse to give me oxygen.”

His wife, Susan, said she wasn’t sure he would survive, and Bridges was worried.

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“I was dying. The doctors kept telling me, ‘Jeff, you have to fight. You’re not fighting,'” he said. “I’m in surrender mode. I’m ready. I dance with my death.”

The Oscar winner is healthier now, with a newborn grandson, a new puppy and a new TV show “Old Man.”

He also has a new life.

“Who’s going to say ‘I’m going to like some cancer and give me a dose of Covid?'” Bridges said. “But my ability to take all the love and give it just improved. Everything came out in the most beautiful way possible.”

“Old Man” premieres June 18 on FX.

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