Jay Weaver, member of Big Daddy Weave, died after the Covid-19 battle

He is 42 years old.

“Hello everyone. Thank you so much for all your prayers for my brother,” Mike Weaver Said in a video posted on the band’s verified Instagram account. “You went through a fierce battle with him. I’m sorry to bring this news, but I am also happy to celebrate where he is now. My brother Jay went to be with Jesus a few hours ago because besides him In addition to everything that has been done, due to complications caused by COVID-19,” Weaver said.
The band has Earlier posted a prayer for musicians Was hospitalized for Covid-19 a few days ago.

The post includes a statement from his wife Emily.

“He is fighting hard,” her statement read. “I can see it on him when I look through his doors and windows. Yes, he has a terrible virus. I just hope my best friend/everything is okay.”

according to To the post on their record company Curb website, Weaver’s feet were amputated after a large-scale infection in 2016.
The band posted the latest news about his health on Instagram In 2020, it was read that Weaver was undergoing dialysis “to help kidney function”.

Big Daddy Weave has been active in the Christian music industry for decades and has achieved success on the charts with songs such as “My Story” and “I Know”.

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