Jason Wright: Washington’s naming strategy is “different” from the Cleveland Guard

Richmond-the Cleveland Indians-check it out, the Cleveland Guards-released a new name before the Washington football team, what’s going on?

If you are a Washington Fans, you may have asked yourself this question later Cleveland The name change was announced this month-the process began five full months later Washington Announced that it is looking for a new name.

Washington Team chairman Jason Wright Seems to understand this sentiment, and nodded when asked bluntly about the difference in launch.But for Washington, Cleveland It may not be a bad thing to expand a new name first: he Indicates that the team will pay close attention to assess the reaction Cleveland Receive and monitor issues Cleveland May face in the coming months Washington Uncover a new identity.

“It helps them stand in front of us because we can see something that is happening,” Wright Tell the Washington Times this week. “In my opinion, they have done a very good job of absorbing things from fans and turning things around quickly. I know that for them, they really want to stand on the other side, work hard, attract fans and build a community. This is a good strategy.

“This is a good strategy. Ours is just different from that.”

WashingtonThe search lasted for more than a year and went through different steps in the rebranding process. Wright It has been insisted that the team will not introduce a new name until other components (such as trademarks, logos and jerseys) are finalized. But the team is making progress.

Wright It said on Thursday that the team had “substantially” narrowed its options, but declined to say how many people are running. But the team has already begun to produce logos and designs for the “small part of the name” that franchise tends to.

Wright Tell the New York Times he I hope that after the rebranding is completed, the team can gain insight into why this process will continue for so long.The team released its own promotional video, providing behind-the-scenes footage, and Wright Said that the organization plans to “do everything we can” to share the challenge of expanding the legend.

since Cleveland Introduced Guardians, others have noticed the existing ClevelandThe roller skating team is called the “Cleveland Guards”. The roller skating team owns the domain name of its website, and a Delaware law firm owns the Cleveland Guardian trademark. According to reports, both teams declined to comment on the matter.

The Cleveland Plains dealer reported on Wednesday that the baseball team had “no problem” in obtaining the trademark. The baseball team’s trademark application was published on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website last Friday.

Regardless, Washington It seems that time is being taken to avoid this situation. The team plans to introduce a new name next year.

“If we take it slowly, if we review everything, if we trust all the great people in our team, then we should get everything done,” Wright Say.

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