Jason Schwarzman plays a floating brain in the musical adventure “Clever Escape”

Clever escape It is an idealized vision of everything possible in the music industry, directly from the brain of Australian rock star Johnny Galvatron.exist Five-year development (At least), Clever escape It has been transformed into a psychedelic adventure game, with a vivid soundtrack of original folk and rock music, a ridiculous character lineup, an extraordinary environment, and first-rate voice actors, including Jason Schwarzman and Lena Heidi , Michael Johnston, Carl Weathers and Mark Qiang.

Clever escape Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC versions will be on sale on September 9th, priced at $20.It will be logged into Game Pass at the same time and will be issued by popular independent producers Annapurna Interactive.

Galvatron is the lead singer of The Galvatrons, an energetic Australian rock band that has toured for bands such as Def Leppard and Cheap Trick in the late 2000s. However, in the past few years, Jingpotian was first a game developer. In the 2010s, just before Warner Music signed with him, he used YouTube videos to teach himself how to create games in Unreal Engine and established the 3D animation and coding courses he studied in college.Then he Founded a studio, Rented some office space, reached a deal with Annapurna, and along the way, he and Jason Schwarzman ended up in a recording studio.

“We just wandered around, talking about David Bowie and Bob Dylan and video games and other things,” Jing Potian said. “Like, this is a moment for me. He walked into the studio, dressed in a cloak and nightgown, like an umbrella and a little Korg synthesizer. He brought all these things, and then he took “They are all around him. He wants to draw the line with the cloak, and then he will throw the cloak aside in another way, and then he will draw the line with the umbrella. I always stand. “

Annapurna Interactive

exist Clever escapeThe protagonist Francis Vendetti took a multi-dimensional journey to discover his true stage image-which appears to be a David Bowie-style paper shredder-while taking into account his late uncle Bob. Dylan’s legacy-style folk icon. He travels through a strange and psychedelic world, playing music and looking for his true voice.

In order to feel the weird atmosphere of the game, Schwarzman plays a huge brain perched on a pile of discarded fish parts.

“He is a very funny supporting role in a comedy,” Jing Potian said. “Like a very noble British alien, like a brain floating on a goldfish fin in an aquarium. When you see it, it makes sense.”

For Jingpotian, Clever escape That’s it-escape. His career as a mainstream rock star was ultimately unsatisfactory, full of red tape, stagnant bureaucracy, and awkward interaction.Between performances, he often found himself curled up in the corner of the tour bus, reading dune Or write his own novel and watch the mainland fly by.

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