Japanese men’s and women’s hockey teams are still too numerous to list

Tokyo (Associated Press)-This is another difficult day for me JapanHockey team.

The host of the Olympic Games has a good performance in both men and women, but they have never won a game in the Olympics, and time is running out.

JapanOf men lost 4-1 to Spain May lose the quarter-final seat on Wednesday. JapanOf women fell to 4th with a score of 1-0 Australia Lost a goal for the third time in a row.

Japan What do women’s coach Xavier Arnau Creus think Australia When he evaluates the results of his team, he has been playing. The hockey team opened the Olympics with two victories and defeated their opponents by a score of 9-1.

Arnau Creus also considered the growth of his team.

“Of course, it feels when you lose—not so good, and not so good,” he said. “A long time ago, we started to change a lot of things in this team. At this moment, the team began to analyze every game seriously and work hard to make a system. This is good for us.”

This Japan Women’s defense dominates- Australia The first quarter did not even have a chance to shoot and ended in a scoreless draw.

Australia Was threatened in the second quarter, but Japan Goalkeeper Sakiyo Asano blocks Kaitlin Nobbs’s penalty. The game did not score at halftime.

Australia With 12 minutes left in the third quarter, Madison Fitzpatrick scored from a penalty kick and finally scored.

AustraliaRenee Taylor got a yellow card in the fourth quarter and had to sit for five minutes, but Japan Unavailable.

“I think the game was very tense from the beginning,” said Japanese midfielder Yukari Mano. “It is very disappointing that despite our good chances, we still failed to score. But I am very happy that we were able to hold on to the end without giving up.”

Australia Given this situation, it is expected to be a difficult game.

“Our focus is that the Japanese have to come out and haven’t won yet. They just want to come out and throw everything to us.” Australia Midfielder Edwina Bohn said. “We were going to participate in a fierce competition, I think the result is indeed the case. But in the end we got the result, so I am very proud of the girls’ performance.”

JapanOf women still have a match against Argentina Spain. They need to be in the top four of the six teams to reach the quarter-finals.

JapanMen’s team leads No. 1 3-1 Australia They lost 5-3 in their Olympic opener. Subsequently, they lost to Argentina 2-1 and then scored the only points in the standings in a 2 draw with New Zealand on Tuesday.

The team regressed on Wednesday. Xavier Lleonart scored two goals Spain Twenty shots were fired. Japan Only five shots and one shot were attempted, making the team’s chances of reaching the quarter-finals very small.

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