Japan conducts exercises in the north when facing threats from Russia and China

Enniwa, Japan (Associated Press)-In the cold winter air, the ground shook and the explosion rumbled. JapanOn Tuesday, on the northern islands of Hokkaido, dozens of tanks and soldiers conducted exercises at a Japanese military post that has been monitoring neighboring Russia for a long time, while demonstrating Japan’s military prowess, as Tokyo is also facing the rise of China.

A team of four tanks, each carrying three soldiers, fired shells and machine guns at targets representing enemy missiles, armored vehicles, or humans. Hundreds of soldiers cheered and waved their troops’ flags on the sidelines.

According to the Northern Army Headquarters, the exercise started this week and lasted until December 14. About 1,300 soldiers of the Ground Self-Defense Force participated, of which about 550 were completing the actual exercise.

The focus of the exercise is to train soldiers to shoot at random targets within a range of 300 meters (984 feet) to 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) within a 15-minute training time.

The training was conducted as China and Russia have strengthened military cooperation in recent years in an attempt to counter the US-led bloc in the region.

Among JapanThe biggest concern is China’s increased naval activities, which prompted Tokyo to rapidly strengthen its military deployment and missile defenses in the south. Japan, Including on remote islands.

China’s construction of military facilities in the South China Sea has aggravated Tokyo’s concerns in the East China Sea. The Senkaku Islands controlled by Japan have also been claimed by Beijing as the Diaoyu Islands. China dispatched an armed maritime police fleet that often circled around them, in and out of waters claimed by Japan, and sometimes chased Japanese fishing boats in the area.

As a result, Tokyo moved the center of defense from north to south Japan Last few years. Hokkaido’s heavy combat tanks and their units—the old strongholds of the Japanese army—have also been reduced, as defense priorities have evolved to include networks, outer space, and other technical levels.

But army officials said that Hokkaido has a vast open space and is still an important training ground for the Japanese army. Except for the North Island, JapanThe main tank practice range is near Mount Fuji and Oita in the south.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the Grand Conservative Party expands significantly JapanDuring his more than eight years of reign, his military role and budget will end in 2020. Japan The US’s role in the security alliance with Washington has expanded rapidly and has purchased more expensive US weapons and equipment, including fighter jets and missile interceptors.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who took office in October, stated in the first military review that he would consider “all options”, including the possibility of pursuing preemptive strike capabilities to further “increase. JapanThe national defense force”-opponents say this is a split issue and violates the country’s peaceful constitution.

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