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Hello, readers of io9!As you know last week, io9’s excellent deputy Editor Jill Pantozzi boarded her own good place and said See you in four years Guide the boat.This means it’s time for a new pair of hands to take the helm, or at least the hand that will wave to that person exist Take the helm and tell them to go quickly.

Hi! Yes, I, James Whitbrook, is the new associate editor of io9.I have been writing This site has been since 2014, when I was recruited by our beloved leaders, Charlie Jane Anders and Annaly Newitz, Who decides that they are bored with my comments, so much so that they let me try actual things. we are coming!Let me tell you, through the incredible leadership of Charlie Jane, Annalee, Rob and Jill, seeing the voices of trusted friends and websites come and go, become Sued by Hulk Hogan, Then Univision acquisition, And survived to this day.They don’t even have new Star wars I arranged a movie when I started working here!I think we don’t have a lot right now anyone,but still!

I hope that my history on the site will make our readers feel relaxed during this transitional period. These people have allowed io9 to trudge on this wild road.Our readers are never afraid to say their thoughts, share worries, and celebrate We all like nerd stuff, And it is worth setting up a website to attract them first. I stayed at io9 long enough to know what it means to our readers.I’ve stayed here long enough, and I know that change often brings health worries-whether it’s New doctor exist Doctor Who, A truck of Marvel announcement, Or a new editor on your favorite website. As io9 progresses, I will guide this ship, and I believe I am making a website that people are excited to sign in every day, and they will continue to require us to comply with the same high standards.

There has never been such a good time to write science fiction and fantasy, and the culture and company that created it. There are so many things–Maybe too much-Talk, share, criticize and celebrate. But this is also a worrying period. Corporate awareness Our beloved fan culture has reached the highest level in history, and the large companies behind our beloved franchise are working hard to capitalize on this loyalty and turn it into revenue: return Walled garden Streaming media platform owned by the studio; road Studio control access And create a narrative to cover up criticism and create fanatical, endless hype; the creators of our favorite characters are used by the studio to make billions of dollars and provide Low returnIn an era of media oversaturation, understanding the business behind the media we consume is more important than ever.

Although io9 is a voice that celebrates the things we love, I hope it can also help our readers understand the way our favorite shows, books, comics, TV series and games are made. A place to cultivate a sense of a healthy community and unite with the creators who brought these wonderful, stupid, heartbreaking, petrified worlds to life. A place that will always celebrate the love of these adventures and characters-and put them in the fire when we want them to be better.

Most importantly, I hope you can spend it all with me and the other members of our team. I am always grateful to the best reviewer a website can ask for-let’s go back to it, shall we?

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