I’ve known Aryan Khan since I was a kid-Ahan Shetty

Although he is the son of veteran actor Sunil Shetty, Ahan Shetty did not show any heroine behavior in the promotion of his upcoming movie “Tadapu”. In fact, he is very casual and gentle, almost introverted. Perhaps this is why he said he didn’t know many celebrity kids since he was a child, and he has only recently started to make friends in the industry. However, Ahan did say that he knew Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan because they were still children.

“Even if Dad is in this industry, we have never really grown up in this environment. In addition, we live in South Mumbai and I am at the American School in Mumbai. Dad also has many friends and has received great respect from them. But we It’s never like a Bollywood family,” he told Siddharth Kannan in an interview.

Ahan Shetty

“I don’t think I have made a few friends until recently, you know, Lambir Kapoor, Shujit Silkar, Bounty Aluwalia, Abhishek Bachyan, Arjun Kapoor, all of them. But I’ve known Aryan Khan since I was a kid. I was at Mumbai American School and he was at Ambani School. We used to meet on the outside court,” he added, saying that Aryan was An outstanding football player.

Ahan went on to add that he and Tiger Shroff attended the same school, and Ganapath actor was his inspiration. “I was in the same school with Tiger. I used to watch his performances. He has always been my inspiration. Now, when he enters this industry, he has set high standards in the industry in terms of movement and dance. I really do. Respect him very much,” he said.

Ahan Shetty’s film “Tadap” also stars actor Tara Sutaria. Tadap is a remake of the 2018 Telugu movie RX 100.

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