It’s 2022, and phones should last five years or more: Gadgets

Phones can last five years or more. This is the future of cyberpunk, where you have to jailbreak and make your own device after buying it. A basic education for today’s children requires learning to take apart, modify and repurpose merchandise to suit your needs. The cartelization of the tech industry will forever lock you in a restricted box. ESG burdens newcomers by manipulating corporate social scores, preventing startups and entrepreneurs from introducing competition and protecting the most rigid and least innovative market dinosaurs. This allows you to navigate. hack your stuff. For ordinary people, the most prosperous times in history were when the humble peasants could tinker and build their own equipment with parts of other things. This is you today. Need to learn to take the technology apart and repurpose it. We have more information than ever on how to do this, hidden under the bait of fear and anger to waste time.

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