It took a month to build this stunning tree-top Hot Wheels track

One of the many joys that the Internet brings to us is seeing people take their favorite childhood toys to the extreme.If you think Hot Wheels Circuit You built half of you when you were a kid The house is impressive, it’s time to bow your head in shame While watching this truly stunning treetop layout.

Although the track twists and turns through the towering trees and runs along the branches, The creator of this course Explain on Reddit They did not use a screw or nail to connect the structure to the tree. It is bound to use String for fun It’s over track used to be It is easy to disassemble and will not cause any permanent damage.

All in all, the promoter behind the Backyard Racing channel estimated that it took two full weeks to design the layout of the tree-top track and test whether all the various obstacles are working properly, and then it took two weeks to integrate them. In addition to the parts of the track that seem to perch dangerously on the branches, there are jumps, complete loops, tunnels, Australian Shepherd Cody, And countless keeps When the gravity is exhausted, the Hot Wheels car speeds along the track.

Undoubtedly the most impressive feature (beautiful autumn leaves followed closely, popsicle stick swinging The bridge is behind there) Is a gondola lift driven by a drilling rig, which can bring the Hot Wheels car from the bottom of the track all the way back to the highest point in the tree.Operated by a small Lego minifigure with internal controls, it turns the entire track into a continuous Hot Wheels is a roller coaster, but more importantly, it means that no one has to climb a ladder every time they want to launch a car.

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