It all started with Rachel McLeish

The first Miss Olympia was held in 1980 (in fact, it was called “Miss Olympia” at the time). Modern female bodybuilding only started in 1977, three years ago, so it’s still a baby sport.take a few years Build a true bodybuilding physique, but none of the first batch of Ms. Olympia contestants had trained seriously for more than a few years, and their training goals and expectations were not that high. They certainly don’t have muscular female role models to set goals for them.

In sports, athletes often wait until others reach a certain level before reaching a certain level. It takes a long time for a runner to run a four-minute mile, and once that is achieved, more will follow. Today, high school runners can do that. Gymnasts all do double things until one of them can do triple things. Then they all have to do it. Golf was primarily considered a “skill” sport until Tiger Woods came along, built his muscles and got everyone else working out in the gym. Now, many professional golfers apparently owe much of their physique to weight training.

Rachel and pet Doberman in the pool at her former Rancho Mirage home. Bill Dobbins

Rachel McLeish Olympia Comparison
Rachel McLish stands in the comparison lineup for the 1980 Ms. Olympia. Bill Dobbins

Bodybuilding’s first Miss Olympia competition He didn’t have much muscle mass by later standards, so it was mostly a dieting game. It’s a physique competition with women who diet to achieve maximum definition like never before. These women are petite but slender and chiseled.

Just before the Miss Olympia contest, the public knew only one female bodybuilder: Lisa Lyon. Lisa has appeared on television, appeared in Playboy, and was the subject of a photobook by renowned photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Lisa wasn’t very strong or shabby, but she was well-proportioned and athletic. She is an excellent photography model. But her profile couldn’t be promoted, and publishers like Joe Wade were looking for someone to show to the public.

Rachel MacLeish Lisa Lyon
From IFBB Women’s Champion to becoming a Playboy model, Lisa Lyon pushes the boundaries of what’s set for female bodybuilders. Bill Dobbins

Rachel McLeish Olympia Prediction
In 1980, Ms. Olympia made a private pre-judgment backstage. Bill Dobbins

Then there’s Rachel McLish. Rachel is sexy and exotic (actually, Hispanic—McLeish is her married name.) The 1980 pre-screening took place privately backstage, with the judges seated a few feet away from the women in a picture by the table. The late Mike Mentzer was anticipating, and when he saw Rachel, his comment was, “What an amazing structure, she’s the clear winner.”

Rachel won the 1980 Ms. Olympia and has since appeared regularly in Muscle & Fitness, Flex and other major bodybuilding magazines. She has appeared regularly on TV talk shows, published a bestseller called Flex Appeal, and starred in several action films.

Rachel McLeish Iron Eagle
Rachel stars in “ACES, Iron Eagle III” with Louis Gossett Jr. New Line Cinema

Rachel McLish appeared in the 1985 documentary Pumping Iron II: The Women, which focused on her participation in the 1983 Caesars World Cup. She also starred in the films “Physical Training” (1984), “Ace: Iron Eagle III” (1992) and “Crow Eagle” (1996). These involve her playing the role of a physically strong woman. She was one of the first women to take on the role. She is also the star of Herb Alpert’s “Red Hot” music video. She co-starred in the fitness instructional video Shape Up (1982) with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the 1980s, genetically stronger women, and has been training hard, longer, and came to the scene. While Rachel remains largely the “face” of female bodybuilding and a major inspiration for a new generation of female bodybuilders, she has neither the desire to continue competing in bodybuilding nor her physique. But given that her popularity contributed to the general popularity of the sport, she was the best thing that could have happened in female bodybuilding during that pivotal period.

Retired Rachel McLeish
After quitting the game, Rachel McLish stayed in shape for her film roles. ] Bill Dobbins

The popularity of Steve Reeves in the 1950s and Arnold in the 1970s started male bodybuilding. Likewise, women have Rachel McLish to thank for educating the public about female bodybuilding and building the initial fan base that made the sport a success.

Rachel McLeish won in 1980
First Lady Olympia 1980 Bill Dobbins

Rachel McLeish match history

1984 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 2nd place

1983 Caesars World Cup – 3rd

1982 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 1st place

1982 Pro World Championship – 1st place

· 1981 Miss IFBB Olympia – 2nd place · 1980 IFBB Miss Olympia – 1st place

1980 Frank Zane Invitational – 2nd place

· 1980 USA Bodybuilding Championships – 1st place

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