Israeli plane hits radical target in Gaza after rocket launch

Jerusalem (Associated Press)- IsraelThe military said earlier on Sunday that it was aggressive Target in the Gaza Strip, the day after the rocket launch Hamas-The ruled territory.

A video taken by Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip showed three huge explosions and fighter jets could be heard flying overhead. There was no immediate confirmation of possible casualties.

The Israeli military stated that the target of the attack was a rocket factory and a military outpost. Hamas. This is also blame aggressive Any acts of violence initiated by Islamic groups in the territories under their control.

The air strike is revenge for the launch of two rockets Gaza Landed near the central Mediterranean on Saturday Israel.

It’s not clear if the rocket intends to hit Israel, but Gaza-based on aggressive Groups often test missiles into the sea. There were no reports of casualties caused by the rocket launch on Saturday.

Except for one incident in September, there has been no cross-border rocket attack since the ceasefire ended the 11-day war between the two countries. Israel and Hamas in May.

The ceasefire facilitated by Egypt and other mediators has been fragile. Radicals Hamas The group said Israel Did not take serious steps to ease the blockade it imposed Gaza Egypt helped when the Islamic movement seized control of the coastal enclaves in 2007.

If Israel does not end the administrative detention of a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for more than 130 days, other organizations, such as the smaller but more hawkish Islamic Jihad, threaten military escalation, and the tensions are also serious.

On Wednesday, Palestinian militants Gaza Shot and wounded an Israeli civilian near the security fence. Israel Respond to multiple targets with tank firepower Hamas The first exchange of fire in months.

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