Israeli army kills Palestinian in West Bank arrests

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military said it shot and killed a Palestinian man Wednesday during an arrest operation near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

In a series of raids in Palestinian territory, the military said its forces fired on a suspect who was trying to escape in the village of Jabba.

“The suspect was treated by the army, but he was later pronounced dead,” the army said. It said the incident was under investigation.

The army was there to apprehend suspects involved in terrorist operations, the statement said, without elaborating.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued a statement saying it had received confirmation of the death of Rafiq Riyad Ghannam from the agency responsible for coordinating affairs with Israel. The official Palestinian news agency Wafa said the 20-year-old man was seriously injured during clashes in the village.

Ganan is the second Palestinian from Jabba to be killed in recent days. On Sunday, the Palestinian foreign ministry said 19-year-old Kamel Abdallah Alwaneh died a day after being shot by Israeli forces. Soldiers were attacked “during a routine security event near the town of Jabba”, shooting and killing a man suspected of throwing a Molotov cocktail, the military said.

Earlier this year, Palestinians carried out a series of deadly attacks that killed 19 Israelis, including several from the Jenin area, where the Israeli military conducts nearly daily attacks on Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank.

Dozens of Palestinians were killed in the Israeli army attack. Most of the dead are said to have opened fire on Israeli troops or threw stones or Molotov cocktails at them. The dead also included at least two apparent passersby.

Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 Middle East war, and Palestinians see it as the heartland of their future state. Israel considers the West Bank to be the biblical and historical heartland of the Jewish people.

Nearly half a million Israeli settlers live in dozens of West Bank settlements scattered across the territory, and some 3 million Palestinians live under Israeli military rule.

Palestinians and much of the international community see Israeli settlements in the West Bank as a violation of international law and an obstacle to a peaceful resolution to the decades-long conflict.

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