Is this 10x the Best New Meme Coin? Tamadoge will surpass Dogecoin

New meme coins are often a good choice when it comes to finding a 10x item. Driven by the hype that followed Dogecoin and Shiba Inu fame, meme coins often have huge upside potential.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best meme coin of the year, explain why it might blow up, and detail the buying process. let’s see.

Best New Meme Coin 10x – Our #1 Choice

Not every project is created equal. However, we are happy to say that we have managed to find the best new meme coins on the market. We’ve provided a quick overview of the project below and conducted research for a full review of the project in the sections that follow.

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A closer look at the best new meme coin – Tamadoge

Now that we understand the concept of Tamadoge, it’s time to dive into the next best meme coin.

Tamadoge – Best New Meme Coin Overall

Investors looking for a new meme coin listing are happy, Tamadoge is the best new meme coin on the market. To make our review understandable and informative, we have divided it into four sections; an overview of the project, looking at its usefulness, explaining the token economics and navigating the team’s future plans.


One of the upcoming meme coins, Jade Rabbit (TAMA) Will reshape the meme coin landscape by merging three of the hottest industries in the market; NFTs, Metaverse, and Play and Earn (P2E) games.

The Tamadoge ecosystem will be centered around the Metaverse world where players can breed, raise and trade pets. It has a game earning element, but changes things by focusing on gameplay rather than pure earning mechanics.

Currently in beta pre-sale, each TAMA token is priced at just $0.01 (minimum 1000 TAMA). However, once the beta pre-sale ends on September 2, the project will enter a general pre-sale, and the price of one TAMA will increase by 25% to $0.0125.So now is the perfect time to get in on one of these early The best crypto presale there.

It’s also worth joining the Tamadoge Telegram group to stay informed about the latest developments in the best new meme coins.


For investors looking for a good meme coin to buy, utility should always be an important factor. Unfortunately, however, it is rare for meme coins to provide a reasonable amount of utility. Tamadoge aims to change that by implementing a wide range of utility-centric features. This should allow TAMA to really shine in a market dominated by tokens whose only value comes from the hype.

The core product of the best new meme coin is the Tamadoge pet. Each pet is tagged as an NFT, allowing players to trade, buy and sell their pets with almost no effort. While each pet starts out in its basic form, players can upgrade them by giving pets toys, food, and cosmetics (all of which can be purchased at the Tamadoge store).

Tamadoge’s primary monetization mechanism revolves around player rankings on the Tamadoge leaderboard. As players raise their pets and reach new levels, their leaderboard rankings will increase. The higher a player is on the leaderboard, the larger their share of the reward pool they are entitled to. This encourages players to upgrade their pets by purchasing items, creating a strong in-game economy and increasing TAMA burn rates (more on that in the next section).

On top of the aforementioned features, Tamadoge will create a beautiful Metaverse world, aptly called the Tamaverse. In this world, players will be able to see their pets, interact with each other, and explore. By providing a place for users to interact in real time, Tamadoge should be able to create a very strong community that could do wonders for the value of the token.

Token Economics

Strong token economics are critical to the success of any project. An infinite supply of inflation tokens will only make it harder for projects to grow.Therefore, regarded as one of best meme coins Buy now, cryptocurrencies need to offer strong token economics. Thankfully, Tamadoge offers exactly that.

A total of 2 billion TAMA tokens are available. Half of this (1 billion tokens) has been allocated to pre-sale investors. Another 30% (600 million tokens) has entered a 10-year lock-up period, with tokens being released slowly over time to help fund Tamadoge’s continued development. Finally, 20% of the supply (200 million tokens) has been reserved for exchange listings.

Income generated by Tamadoge is also distributed in an equitable manner. As we mentioned before, the burn rate for Tamadoge transactions within Tamadoge is 5%, which helps keep prices high and increases token scarcity. 30% of the profit is allocated to marketing and project development, and the remaining 65% goes directly to the P2E prize pool.

future plans

When looking for a good meme coin to buy, having a strong plan for the future is just as important as having plenty of utility and good token economics. While Tamadoge has many plans for the future, we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting ones.

CEX listing – For a project to gain widespread popularity, it must be listed on a centralized exchange. Unlike the vast majority of new meme coins, Tamadoge has a confirmed CEX listing on the LBANK exchange.

Metaverse Partners—— During the first quarter of 2023, Tamadoge will announce a series of partnerships with established Metaverse projects.

Augmented Reality App – IIn the fourth quarter of 2023, the Tamadoge AR application will be released, which will bring the Tamadoge pet into the real world.

Why is Tamadoge Entering the Crypto Market?

Deciphering which meme coins will explode can be difficult. However, in order for Tamadoge to perform well, all the pieces are in place.

Tamadoge is perfect for anyone who wants to buy which meme coin to buy. It will leverage the brand recognition of popular meme coins like Dogecoin, while also adding a ton of utility. If Dogecoin can be a top 10 cryptocurrency with almost no utility, there’s no reason Tamadoge can’t climb higher.

Listing on a centralized exchange drives demand tremendously. As the demand for the token increases, its price will follow. So Tamadoge has confirmed the listing of CEX just weeks after the pre-sale, which is an excellent sign that it will be the best new meme coin on the market.

How to buy TAMA

To make it easier for people to wonder what are the best meme coins to invest in TAMA, we have created this detailed guide.

Step 1 – Register with the Exchange

Purchasing TAMA requires Ethereum.This can be obtained from regulated exchanges such as eToro Or use a credit/debit card directly from the Tamadoge website.

Visit eToro now

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product.No UK or EU investor protection

Step 2 – Deposit and Buy ETH

Next, click the “Deposit” button, decide how much to invest, and press “Deposit”. Then, click on the search bar, enter “ETH”, click “Trade”, decide how much ETH to buy, then click “Open Trade”.

Step 3 – Create MetaMask and send ETH

Then, set up the wallet by downloading the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app and following the on-screen instructions. After the initial setup, make sure the wallet is on the Ethereum network and withdraw ETH from eToro to MetaMask via eToro Money Wallet.


Now, go to the Tamadoge pre-sale site, press “Connect Wallet”, select MetaMask, and confirm the connection. Then, click “Buy Tamadoge”, select the number of tokens you want to buy (minimum 1000), and click “Exchange ETH”. Tokens will be available for claim on the Tamadoge website after the beta and general pre-sale ends.

Visit Tamadoge Pre-sale

in conclusion

Tamadoge is probably the best new meme coin on the market. It has been gaining momentum and with a CEX listing confirmed and more in the works, it could explode in the coming months.

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