Is a military solution in West Africa the only way out? | News

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Although France has conducted military operations for many years, the armed groups there continue to wage wars.

Protesters claimed that the French armed forces’ relations with their African allies were flawed, which made West Africa angry with France.

Last month, in Niger, demonstrators tried to prevent a military supply convoy of more than 100 vehicles from heading to Mali, killing two people and injuring others.

Protest organizers complained that the local army was under-equipped and suffered a disproportionate loss in frequent attacks by armed groups compared with French allies.

Protesters said that despite years of military operations in France, these organizations that are usually associated with ISIL and Al-Qaida continue to operate.

Has the military mission failed?

host: Haramohidin


Aser Tiemtore-Member of the Union of African Patriots of Burkina Faso

Jacques Reland – Senior Fellow, Global Policy Institute

Adama Gaye – Political commentator specializing in the Sahel and West Africa

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