Iraq’s Election Commission confirms October election results

Baghdad (AP)-announced final results IraqThe election committee on Tuesday confirmed that the Shiite clergyman Muktada Sadr was the biggest winner in the vote last month, winning 73 seats out of the 329 seats in the parliament.

The committee stated that the Sunni party headed by Speaker Mohamed Halbusi ranked second with 37 seats, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) received 31 seats.

The results also confirmed that proIran Factions allegedly defrauding voters lost about two-thirds of their seats in the October 10 election. The Fatah coalition, which represents the Shia paramilitary organization “People’s Mobilization Force”, won 17 seats, lower than the 48 seats in the last election. Independent candidates from the October 2019 protest movement ran under the Imtidad list and won 9 seats.

IraqAfter Shia groups filed the election, the Election Commission received more than 1,000 complaints alleging voting fraud. According to the committee, the appeals process resulted in changes in only five seats, and the overall result remained largely unchanged.

Unconfirmed allegations of voter fraud cast a shadow over the election that has been praised by the United States, the United Nations Security Council and other countries as the smoothest election in years without major technical failures.Supporters of Iran-backed factions sat for weeks at the entrance of the church BaghdadThe Green Zone, the result of the protest.

The result will now be sent to the Federal Supreme Court for approval, after which the President will convene a parliamentary meeting within 15 days to elect a new speaker.

The voting on October 10th was held months in advance in response to the large-scale protests at the end of 2019, when tens of thousands of people were Baghdad The southern provinces, dominated by Shi’ites, rallied against local corruption, poor services and unemployment.They also protested hard-line interference by neighboring countries Iran exist IraqThrough the affairs of Iran-backed militia organizations.

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