Iraqi Prime Minister urges less attention to “anti-American” propaganda

It’s better for Americans to pay less attention to negative publicity about their country and be aware of millions of people around the world, including Iraq, I appreciate that the United States is a beacon of democracy and a force for world progress.

This is the core message of the Prime Minister of Iraq Mustafa Kadimi Brought it he arrive Washington This week, even if it was overshadowed by the president BidenAnnouncing that the United States will end its combat mission Iraq, Started in 2003, aimed at overthrowing the dictator Saddam Hussein (Saddam Hussein).

“One problem with Americans is that they tend to believe in negative propaganda directed at the United States,” he said. Cardimi Said in a behind-the-scenes discussion with The Washington Times. he Said: “Iraqis realized that the United States got rid of evil dictators and helped build democracy.”

“Right now we are only interested in going forward,” the Iraqi prime minister told the New York Times columnist Tim Constantine, He also produces the weekly radio and podcast show “Capitol Hill Show”. In a wide range of speeches, sir. Cardimi It also played down the threat of the Islamic State’s comeback in China Iraq And refused to worry about Iran’s influence in Baghdad, and redefines the mission of the United States in Baghdad.

Nevertheless, with Mr. Biden The two-year US military mission in Afghanistan is coming to an end, and the region is anxiously observing whether there will be a security vacuum and who might step in to take advantage of it.

gentlemen. Cardimi When asked if there is any diplomatic contact Iraq Sandwiched by the U.S. and Iranian forces. “Let me make it clear: Iraq Is a friend of the United States. We are Iran’s neighbors,” he Speaking, smiling warmly and emphasizing the nuances of this sentence.

The prime minister, a former journalist and diplomat, is also optimistic that his The country will become the main promoter of regional peace in the next few years. “Iraq In ancient history and modern history, the way in which different civilizations interact has always played a role,” he Say. “IraqHowever, due to the wayward ruler, its role has regressed severely in the past 50 years. Iraq Need to restore its historical role. We can find a common language and common interest, and of course we are also capable of playing this role. “

gentlemen. Cardimi Expressed the hope that this forward-looking thinking can shine in the regional geopolitical tensions.Those tensions are shrouded in his Meeting with the President on Monday Biden, Which can shape his National politics in the coming years.

Is the Islamic State inspecting?

Approximately 2,500 U.S. troops are expected to stay Iraq Indefinitely, even though Biden administration officials have stated that the role of the US military will be transformed into pure consultation and training.

But sir. Biden It was emphasized on Monday that the United States will continue to fight the remnants of the Islamic State Organization (also known as the Islamic State). This terrorist organization has lost the vast territory it once had in Syria, Iraq But it still has thousands of well-trained fighters in its ranks. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed 35 people in Baghdad on July 19.

gentlemen. Cardimi Tell the Times that ISIS does not control any territory Iraq But it maintains the “latent cells” that the Iraqi army is constantly scrambling to destroy. “We were successful in this area and arrested major groups,” he Say. The security forces almost always succeeded in preemptive strikes, as was the case in the attack in the Iraqi capital on the eve of the Muslim holiday on July 19.

“In that attack, on the eve of Eid, [Islamic State militants] Plan multiple operations. All others were frustrated. More importantly, we captured the cells that planned these attacks,” the Iraqi Prime Minister said.

gentlemen. Cardimi Said that the Iraqi army is now ready to manage the security situation without significant help from the Americans. he It also stated that the attacks by the remnants of the Islamic State should not affect the US military’s posture in the region. Iraq. he Earlier this week, the Associated Press told the Associated Press that “there is no need for any foreign combat forces on Iraqi territory.”

Iran’s influence rises?

ISIS aside, the issue of Iran’s influence is imminent IraqEspecially when the Biden administration sought to make diplomatic contacts with Tehran by restoring the Obama-era nuclear agreement, which President Trump denied three years ago.

The critic said sir. BidenPromote broader policies that reduce the role of the U.S. military Iraq Equivalent to a big bet that may be weakened WashingtonCan steer the future of the Iraqi government and military away from Iran’s growing influence.

U.S. troops stationed in Iraq In recent years, Syria and neighboring Syria have been attacked by Iran-backed militia groups, such as Qataib Hezbollah and Qataib Said Shuhada. The militants also targeted US diplomatic facilities in the Green Zone fortified in Baghdad.

U.S. officials said the two militias received substantial financial and logistical support from Iran, even though they were operating within the People’s Mobilization Force, an umbrella organization mainly composed of Shi’ite Muslim militias headquartered in IraqThe al-Kadhimi government has been trying to integrate the People’s Mobilization Force into the broader security forces of its country.

The complex dynamics have caused friction between Baghdad and Baghdad. WashingtonThe most striking thing was that in late June, the Biden administration ordered the US military to bomb the White House’s “facilities used by Iran-backed militias” along the Iraq-Syria border.

The Pentagon stated that the explosion was a response to an attack on American interests by Iran-backed groups. Iraq, But sir Cardimi A statement was issued calling the attack a “blatant and unacceptable violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.”

Some people believe that this comment was meant to appease the parliament and Iran’s anti-American lawmakers. The rulers of Tehran have their own views on Trump. Cardimi Because the Prime Minister of Iraq this year asked them to restrict their militia in the area.

gentlemen. Cardimi Tell the times his Meet with husband Biden “Absolutely great.” he Say that the President of the United States “understands Iraq very good. “

A future without war?

gentlemen. Cardimi Emphasize that Iraqis view the United States as a positive force in areas outside the security realm.

he Say his The team proposed a “specific five-year plan” to the Biden administration to strengthen the relationship between Iraq and the United States in the form of possible “significant investment.” Iraq From a western company.

“We are here to organize our relationship, not just security. We are organizing efforts for the economic, environmental, scientific and corporate sectors,” said the Iraqi prime minister. “The United States has provided us with a lot of training and understanding of security. Our troops can now perform this task.

“Economically, we want to get rid of the control of oil revenues,” he Say. IraqThe goal, he He added that it is “diversified into clean energy, agriculture and industry.”

“We are working with the West to develop and review various options and move towards a digital economy,” he Say. “Iraq It has huge economic potential, partly because of the growing population. Iraq The population is young, with slightly more than 50% women. It adds about 1.2 million people every year. This population growth requires market growth. “

“We like to think of the glass as half full,” he Tell the Times. “Our people generally don’t accept anti-American messages. Of course, different people have different views, but when we look at the development of science, technology, and culture… I believe history will praise the progress of the United States.”

Tim Constantine Contributed to this report.

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