Iraq and the UAE sign a contract for the construction of 5 solar power stations

Baghdad (Associated Press)-The company said on Thursday that Iraq has signed a contract with a renewable energy developer headquartered in the United Arab Emirates to build five projects in a country with abundant oil resources and long-standing energy problems. A solar power plant.

Iraqi officials and Masdar’s chief executive signed an agreement in Baghdad on Wednesday, in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kadimi. Masdar said the agreement calls for the development of these plants in Dhi Qar in southern Iraq, Ramadi in central Iraq, Mosul in the north and Amarah province in the southeast-with a total capacity of 1,000 megawatts.

“This step is the first practical phase taken by the (Iraqi) government to rely on alternative, clean and renewable energy sources to produce electricity to meet Iraq’s energy needs,” the official Iraqi news agency said in a statement. INA said on Wednesday night.

Iraq hopes that the agreement will help ease its energy supply gap. The country is a major oil producer with abundant energy resources, but due to rampant corruption, aging power grids and other technical problems, the entire country of Iraq suffers from power outages every day.

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