Iran’s nuclear negotiations are suspended and will be reconvened in Vienna next week

Berlin (Associated Press)-Diplomats negotiate in Vienna to rejuvenate IranOfficials said on Friday that after five days of consultations with governments, the 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers has been suspended and the meeting will be reconvened next week.

The EU official who presided over the meeting said that some progress had been made, but further “integration” was needed.

“We have identified the challenges ahead. Now is the time to negotiate with capitals,” EU diplomat Enrique Mora told reporters. “We will resume in Vienna next week.”

“We are facing huge challenges, time is not infinite, there is a clear sense of urgency,” he added. “But most importantly, we need a certain degree of policy convergence to start negotiations.

Since the United States withdrew from the “Maximum Pressure” campaign launched by then President Donald Trump on Tehran in 2018, the so-called Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) has been effective in sustaining life.

The remaining signatories to the nuclear agreement- Iran, Russia, China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom-have been meeting at the Coburg Palace, a luxury hotel that signed an agreement six years ago.The agreement strictly limits IranUranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

U.S. delegation led by the Biden government envoy IranRobert Marley was staying in a nearby hotel and listened to briefings of talks by diplomats from other countries.

Mora said that reinstatement of the agreement requires Iran Fulfilling its commitments under the agreement and enabling the United States to “completely comply” again means that Washington needs to abandon the severe economic sanctions imposed on Tehran.

When asked what progress has been made this week, Mora said that progress has been made, “because we have a new Iranian delegation and they have already negotiated with other delegations.”

“We have also included new policy sensitivities for the new Iranian delegation,” he said. “But again, the starting point, the common denominator is where we ended in the last round of talks in June.”

Nuclear agreement see Iran Restrict its uranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. Since the deal broke down, Iran Small amounts of uranium can now be enriched to a purity of 60%-only a few steps away from weapon-grade 90%. Iran It also spins advanced centrifuges prohibited by the agreement, and its uranium stocks now far exceed the agreement’s limits.

On Wednesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency, which oversees Iran’s nuclear program, said Iran Measures have been taken at Fordo’s underground nuclear facility to enrich the uranium to a purity of 20%.

Iran Maintaining its atomic program is peaceful, but US intelligence agencies and international inspectors say Iran There was no organized nuclear weapons program until 2003.

IAEA inspectors cannot fully monitor IranPlan because Tehran restricted their access to its website.

The Iranian delegation appointed by Iran’s new President Ibrahim Raisi called on the United States this week to unfreeze US$10 billion in assets as an initial gesture of goodwill.

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