Iranian dissident warns U.S. not to return to nuclear deal

although Iran Announced that it was upgrading its nuclear program, despite Vienna In talks aimed at preventing this, Iranian activists are addressing Fox News.

“My message to the president BidenThis is because the Iranian regime does not represent the Iranian people,” said Iranian activist Ali, who, like everyone else, warned of the consequences of the Iranian regime. US If Iran re-enters Iran, sanctions on Iran will be lifted nuclear protocol.

“If the United States re-signs the nuclear agreement, it will happen the same thing as in 2015. The Iranian regime will receive nearly 160 billion U.S. dollars and 1.7 billion euros, but it will not stop its nuclear operations. In fact, they even developed ballistics and The man-machine military drone program.”

Biden and Europeans accept Iran’s nuclear program at talks in Rome

“You ask what will happen if the U.S. returns to JCPOA? I frankly, it will be a tragedy,” said another activist, Simma, who said that the government should not even consider Tehran’s decision to officially call this joint comprehensive The requirements of the agreement. Action plan or JCPOA.

“The United States’ return to JCPOA gives us Iranians the message that the United States is cooperating with the Mullahs to suppress and kill the Iranian people and the Mullahs’ crimes against us. This serves the dictatorship and religious fascism. How is the ransom possible? Pay a brutal murder of yourself The people’s power?”

“After the JCPOA agreement was reached in 2015, the regime took the cash and used it for terrorism. Our women in Iran prostitute themselves for a piece of bread,” she said. “Removing sanctions or providing cash to the regime will only extend its lifespan, the lifespan of the dictatorship.”

In the past few months, there have been large-scale protests across the country, people calling for the overthrow of the regime, and they are dissatisfied with government policies that have led to economic difficulties, rationing and shortages of goods. According to reports, thousands of demonstrators were arrested or killed by regime forces. Fox News did not disclose the activists we talked to for their own safety. But they united in opposition to the regime and unswervingly conveyed a message to President Biden and the American people.

“I hope President Biden will stand by the side of the Iranian people, who have been participating in different uprisings against the Iranian regime. In fact, we are now approaching the second anniversary of November 2019, where there is the largest regime in recent history. The uprising. They can only sustain the people by killing more than 1,400 people on the street and capturing and imprisoning more than 20,000 people,” Ali told us.

“I hope President Biden knows that the experience of the past 42 years shows that appeasement politics no longer works. For example, we saw that the 2015 nuclear agreement did not restrict Iran’s actions to achieve nuclear weapons. Therefore, there is no time for appeasement politics.”

The government has stated that if Tehran abides by the agreement, it will only restore the agreement and lift the multi-billion dollar sanctions imposed by the United States. But the Iranian negotiators in Vienna demand that the US sanctions be lifted first, and even before the nuclear program can be considered in the negotiations, it is possible to free up billions of dollars in new revenue for the regime.

Supporters of the nuclear agreement stated that it prevented Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb and ensured the transparency of Iran’s nuclear program to the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency’s international monitors. But activists say the agreement will pave the way for Tehran to freely acquire nuclear weapons at the end of the agreement, which is now set to end in October 2025.

Iran participates in nuclear agreement negotiations, conflicts with EU diplomats

Some of the protesters, including those we have spoken to, are members of the National Resistance Council of Iran, the largest opposition group in Iran. The leader of the organization, Maryam Rajavi, has been warning Iran of its nuclear intentions.

Rajavi recently told the French National Assembly: “The International Atomic Energy Agency believes that the regime is about to build bombs. This is the result of a policy of complacency.”

“Because of the lack of a firm policy, the regime always uses negotiations to strengthen itself and prepare for further aggression.”

She said that Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei wanted Iran’s nuclear bomb “to guarantee his power. He wanted to hold back world peace and security to obtain concessions. The only thing that could stop him was the organized resistance and uprising of the Iranian people.” “

The organization stated that the regime’s control is fragile. According to reports, more than 1,500 protesters were killed during street protests two years ago, which proves that the government will resort to deadly atrocities in an attempt to maintain control of power.

“The Iranian people want to overthrow the regime and build a free and democratic society,” Rajavi said.

Ali, one of the activists we spoke with, also expressed these views.

“The truth is that no one will give us freedom on the silver plate. As Thomas Jefferson said, the tree of freedom is most often refreshed by the blood of patriots. We are ready and willing to pay the full price and give us for the future of Iran. Life is free.”

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