Iran agrees to resume Vienna nuclear negotiations in November

Iran’s new chief nuclear negotiator said after a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday that Iran will resume negotiations in Vienna before the end of November, and the specific date will be determined next week.

Why is it important: Since Iran’s new hard-wired president, Ebrahim Raisi, was elected in June, the Vienna negotiations have been frozen. This is the most direct commitment of the Lai Xi government to return to the negotiating table.

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  • Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri announced the news after meeting with EU Political Director Enrique Mora, who is coordinating the Vienna talks with Iran.

  • Bagheri is an extremely hardliner and is expected to lead Iran’s negotiating team.

At the same time, President Biden During the G20 summit in Rome this weekend, they will meet with the leaders of “E3” (France, Germany and the United Kingdom) to discuss Iran’s next steps.

  • The Biden administration and its European allies agreed that Iran has been procrastinating in returning to nuclear negotiations, but has not yet reached any agreement on how to pressure Iran to negotiate.

  • US special envoy to Iran Rob Marley met with senior diplomats from E3 in Paris last week to discuss possible next steps.

What are they talking about: National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said on Tuesday that Biden will closely coordinate with his European counterparts to establish a united front.

“We will send a clear message to Iranians that this window is not unlimited, we need to see the return of diplomacy, and we reserve all other options to be able to deal with the plan if necessary.”

Jack Sullivan

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