Interview with Alec Baldwin: The actor recalls meeting with the husband of Harina Hutchins

actor Explain to George Stephanopoulos of ABC The scene rehearsed in the church at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico was for him to raise the gun, and he and Hutchins were discussing how she wanted to place his hand.

“Then I raised the gun and I went,” can you see it? can you see it? can you see it? “She said…then I loosened the hammer of the gun, and the gun rang. I loosened the hammer of the gun, and the gun rang,” Baldwin recalled.

He said he was aiming the gun at the side of the camera, as Hutchins had instructed, in her direction.

Baldwin said: “I was told that I was holding a gun, and she asked me to hold it, and finally aimed at her armpit.”

When asked why he pointed the gun at Hutchins and pulled the trigger, Baldwin said: “I would never point the gun at anyone and then pull the trigger, never.”

During the hour-long sit-in interview—this was his first interview since the October 21 filming—Baldwin repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to know how the live broadcast ended.

“The gun should be empty; I was told that someone handed me an empty gun,” Baldwin said. “There is only one problem to be solved… There is only one. That is, where did the live broadcast come from?”

“Someone put a live bullet in the gun, a bullet that shouldn’t be there at all. Where did that bullet come from? Someone brought the love wheel-plural-into the scene of the movie, and the last bullet was in In the gun,” Baldwin said.

When I think about it, I thought,’What can I do? ‘”

When talking about Hutchins, Baldwin, who was emotional, was obviously holding back tears.

“She is loved by everyone who works with her, loved – and admired by everyone who works with her,” Baldwin said.

Authorities obtained search warrants and ammunition against the suspicious supplier of

Hutchins’ husband Matthew Hutchins and their young son survived.

“I don’t know what to say,” Baldwin recalled her meeting with Hutchins’ husband after her death. “He hugged me and said,’I think we will go through it all together.'”

Baldwin added: “I told him,’I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to express my apologies to you, and I am willing to cooperate as much as I can.'”

When Stephanopoulos asked if the shooting was the worst thing he had ever experienced, Baldwin said yes, “Because I think about it, I was thinking, what can I do?”

Baldwin also said that he couldn’t imagine making another movie with a gun, adding, “I will do anything with power to undo everything I did. I don’t know how the bullet got into that gun. I I don’t know. But I am totally in favor of doing anything that can take us where we are…this is unlikely to happen.”

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