Instagram’s library for suspending TikTok accounts

TikTok’s Libs, an anti-Woke account that recently sparked a news frenzy of outings and doxxing targeting anonymous social media users, has had one account suspended.

“BREAKING: @instagram just suspended our account,” TikTok’s Libs posted on its Twitter.

The account did not state the reason for the suspension, if any, given by Instagram.

TikTok’s Libs caused a stir last month after Washington Post reporter Tyler Lorenz revealed the names, employers, religions and work addresses of anonymous creators, warning readers that the account “has secretly fueled a right-wing anger machine” ,” and became “a powerful force on the Internet.” the Internet. “

TikTok’s Libs got its name from reposting videos of a left-leaning individual who espoused her views (often without her own comments), often on the TikTok app, and quickly became a right-wing favorite while drawing outrage from the left.

Left-wing group Media Matters for America took on the anti-liberal mantle last month, slamming the account in six press releases from April 1 to 18, starting with “Fox News is using ‘TikTok’s freedom’ tweets. special accounts, like the Telegram service. Anti-LGBTQ attacks.”

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