Instagram is testing in-app notifications for service outages

After a large-scale week Instagram stated that all applications of the social network have been offline for more than six hours This will alert users to “temporary issues” such as power outages or other technical issues.

The new alert will appear in the user’s activity source along with other in-app notifications. These messages can be used to inform users about specific issues, such as Story upload not working, or more general issues, such as two interruptions last week. Importantly, Instagram stated that it does not intend to remind users of every issue, but those that may cause widespread confusion.

“We don’t send notifications every time there is an outage, but when we see people confused and looking for answers, we will determine if things like this help make things clearer,” Instagram wrote in a blog Wrote in the article. The company added that it will test the feature in the United States “in the next few months.”


In addition, Instagram also showed off the new “Account Status” section of its app, which aims to remind users more broadly of “what happened to your account”. Instagram stated that it will first notify about the deletion of the posts and the “risk of being disabled” due to violation of the rules.

According to Instagram, this feature is designed to make it easier for users to understand why a post was deleted and whether they are in danger of losing their account completely.Although the app used to notify users when posts were flagged or deleted, the company did not always do a good job of letting people know which one The policies they violated.The supervisory committee has Facebook needs to do a better job explaining the rules to users, and account status can help them do this.

The account status can also help the app solve a problem more specific to Instagram: yes Instagram stated that “in the coming months” it plans to update account status to let people know “how their content is distributed and recommended in different parts of Instagram.”

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