Instagram is fixing an audio bug that occurs when users export Reels

Meta denies that it deliberately muted the audio of downloaded Reels videos to prevent users from exporting them to TikTok, edge A company spokesperson blamed an “audio glitch” for the incident and said a fix was in the works.Export report Earlier this week, wanted to export Reels to another app (cough, cough ) is forced to post the video first – or risk losing the audio. Before this development, Instagram users could use Reels’ tools to shoot and edit videos, and choose to download and publish elsewhere.

Although Meta wants to position Reels as Compared to Instagram and Facebook, it has struggled to take the crown from the dominant short-video app TikTok. Creators and brands often cross-post Reels to their TikTok accounts (and vice versa), meaning Instagram and Facebook are no longer the exclusive destinations for that content. TikTok makes it easy for users Making to Facebook and Instagram Reels on the platform, but doing the opposite on a Meta-owned platform requires Watch the video first. Reels and TikTok have different editing tools, so it’s easy to see why users might want to edit and cross-post on a particular platform—not to mention that it’s just a time saver.

As of Friday afternoon, Meta was still working to fix the audio glitch on Reels, a spokesperson told Engadget in an email. The glitch appears to only affect iPhone users. “Due to a bug, the Reels download feature did not work as expected for iOS users, and in some cases, audio was missing from downloads – an issue we are working to resolve as soon as possible,” the company said in a statement.

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