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Many creative people are eager to have a successful and fulfilling career in the fashion industry, but unfortunately, this achievement has discouraged many people. The latest available technologies in the industry, such as 3D fashion design software, make it easier for designers to work from home-but they are not designed to provide artists with job opportunities. What many creators need is a strong network and the attractive and innovative qualities that work around them. Without these things, the excellent works of talented people would be ignored.

Collaborative DAO for fashion creatives

A new blockchain-based project is being launched. Its goal is to provide a platform for everyday and unknown creative or fashion enthusiasts, so that they can create a professional network for themselves at the same time, and at the same time innovate and design fashion items.Parisian luxury fashion brand Faith connection The project will be launched in the name of “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”Faith Tribe“. It has developed into the first fully decentralized and community-owned ecosystem for collaborative creation of fashion items. The use of Web3 tools brings innovative advantages to those who use them for product development, and Faith Tribe’s creative platform will enable creators around the world to design, customize, cast and distribute their own tools Digital NFT And physical fashion assets.

Cultivate the integration of newcomers

As a community-centric collaborative brand, Faith Connexion is similar to the culture of many existing blockchain-based projects because they are decentralized-not controlled by a single entity.Faith tribes will merge Modern fashion design And the NFT community to train newcomers to enter the field of fashion and encryption. This is ultimately to provide these creatives with opportunities they would not normally get on an inclusive platform where income gap, education level, race, gender, geography, or the country of origin of the user does not matter. In Faith Tribe, what is important is the quality of the contributions of its creators, because participating in design and collaboration will make users a part of the community.

Design platform and protocol

This comprehensive gift of creation, networking and innovation in one place will be awarded to users of the Faith Tribe creative platform. The entire virtual design and customization of clothing, clothing and accessories will be launched here, and the design will be cast as an NFT on the platform’s local NFT market. Royalties and prices can be set by the product creators, who will permanently retain all or part of their digital assets. Therefore, users can continue to profit from all future sales generated by their design and will have the tools to track the distribution and sales of their digital or physical products. The design process is not rigid at all-flexibility is very much needed in the creative process. Designers and artists can choose to work independently or collaborate to design their own designs, or choose from existing and qualified clothing, and then further customize. Users who are only interested in design and do not want to create physical products will be able to create single-piece or digital-only fashion collections.those people Yes However, interested parties can use the physical twins to create their digital designs.

Faith Tribe’s design protocol is the foundation of all of this because it provides the underlying technical infrastructure on which studios and markets run and integrate with the rest of the ecosystem. This agreement enables Faith Tribe to integrate with other DeFi protocols such as AAVE and other NFT markets.

Equip the next generation

The world of DeFi, NFT, and encryption seems to be closed to those who are not familiar with its content. Faith Tribe’s creative platform and DAO hope to serve as an access point to open its unknown but talented contributors to the Web3 technology and fashion industry. Faith Connexion plans to launch Faith Tribe in January, and it will be exciting to see it thoroughly provide the next generation of tailor innovators with tools for growth and success.

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